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I hate how older women and "ugly" women are treated. Read below,please.

There are a fuck ton of stories and movies about some dude who isn't traditionally attractive somehow pulling a woman who's the epitome of traditional beauty standards. But legit, how many movies are there of the opposite? Not a whole hell of a lot, let's be honest There are movies about guys hooking up with down out girls, but very few about dudes who are straight up chads in every way getting with a chick who just isn't.

I really think the cultural perception of this needs to change, fast. I'm not saying we should all go out and like slang dick to older girls to make them feel good, but just be aware and have empathy. Maybe help order a sociey where older women will be with a man who loves them, which is one reason I support the institution of marriage, so people don't wake up at age 50 and realize they may be alone for half their life, or be a serial monogomist with people who would hardly be their first choice of they had options.
Miram · 31-35, F
Why does aloneness have to be seen as a bad thing?
@Miram It doens't HAVE to be, but what one of my strongly held beliefs that i've never gone back on is that we are a social species, and must work as a team. I think most people need a compassionate and protective shoulder to lean on, and we should organize our norms around helping people get that with the best person for them. I think every culture has had some form of mating ritual or courtship. Some of these are more ethical than others... I definitely don't support ones that involve force. I really do wanna bring back a sense of chivalry and romance, and get away from what we have now.

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