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Are you arguing with the clouds again?

Lily in the sky with diamonds 馃き
UndercoverBard31-35, M
@Lilymoon lay off the drugs Lils 馃檮
HumanEarth51-55, M
Did someone say DRUGS
slorollin41-45, M
Those fuckers started it!
slorollin41-45, M
@UndercoverBard well I don't remember one single time asking you if you liked it or not so that's irrelevant anyways
UndercoverBard31-35, M
@slorollin now you鈥檙e taking your anger towards the clouds out on me and that I will not take!
slorollin41-45, M
@UndercoverBard with the clouds I'm angry, with you I'm stating facts. Doesn't matter how my castle looked. They poured water on it laughed and then left
Straylight31-35, F
Those clouds know I鈥檓 right!!
UndercoverBard31-35, M
@Straylight you callin me a cloudlet?! 馃え
Straylight31-35, F
@UndercoverBard If the evaporation cycle fits. 馃槫
UndercoverBard31-35, M
@Straylight unfreakenbelievable 馃槖
They need to behave. Raining on me while I'm cycling is [i]not[/i] ok 馃槖
Arantxa18-21, F
None to be seen , I scared them away
Tobasco31-35, F
No, they cry way too much without my interference already.
UndercoverBard31-35, M
@NerdyPotato and that ruins everyone鈥檚 parade
@UndercoverBard exactly! I don't want them to be sad, I just want them to go away and let the sunshine through.
BobbyMoeven51-55, M
Yah ,,,, sure was ,,,, although I don't have the foggiest of a clue what started the whole thing .
Nanoose61-69, M
Well yeah they say they look like kangaroos and I say they look like rabbits. Cheers!
soulshadow36-40, M
Every day and every night. But they will never come down to fight me.. coward clouds.
DragonFruit61-69, M
I said 鈥渃lowns鈥, not 鈥渃louds鈥....I鈥檓 arguing with the CLOWNS again! 馃ぁ
HumanEarth51-55, M
store mannequins make the best pets. No shit or feed or hair

Nah, they won. Rain Rain Rain. Kinda soothing.
JohnnyBrightside41-45, M
Only Cumulus. Me and Cirrus are cool.
UndercoverBard31-35, M
@JohnnyBrightside well I guess that鈥檚 an improvement.. maybe
FreestyleArt31-35, M
Yes because it looks like me fat馃が
AlienFox36-40, F
They started it
Fungirlmmm51-55, F
Every day
Zaphod4246-50, M
And winning! 馃ぃ
Degbeme70-79, M
hunkalove61-69, M
They're full of snow!
empanadas31-35, M
Yes they talk back

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