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I now have 46 out of 59 achievements in ATS

Against the Storm is a really fun strategy game in the roguelite genre. Although it's advertised as a city-builder game, you quickly switch focus from developing a settlement, to winning before negative modifiers get out of hand, hence you don't get attached to your cities, or in the case of this game, settlements. True to the roguelite genre, it has meta-progression in form of permanent upgrades, and each new settlement comes with its own random elements and challenges. You create a strategy based on the hand you're dealt, and on higher difficulties it becomes important to understand core mechanics.

[u]The difficulty system looks like this:[/u]

– Settler
– Pioneer
– Veteran
– Viceroy
– Prestige 1 to 20

Anyone can play on Settler and Pioneer. Most people can play on Veteran. On Viceroy you need to have understood the tutorial. Henceforth you unlock a new difficulty every time you win a game on the highest difficulty currently available to you. The game becomes particularly challenging on P10, and at this point there's no more room left for careless mistakes. I have recently beat P10 and am climbing to P15, where there will be yet another steep spike in difficulty.

I intend to get all the Steam achievements for this game eventually, but the P20 achievement will take me a while lol. I highly recommend ATS to anyone who loves strategy games, and don't mind the city-builder management aspect being part of the strategy.

GuyWithOpinions · 31-35, M
What does ATS mean

Nvm lol
Blanchy · 31-35, F
@GuyWithOpinions I'm not sure this game would be your cup of tea. xD
GuyWithOpinions · 31-35, M
@Blanchy i like RTS, base building, resource management games too.
Blanchy · 31-35, F
@GuyWithOpinions This is quite different from those types of games, even if it sounds similar on paper, so I would advice you "try it for free" before buying, if you're curious to check it out.

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