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How many of you didn't know about this?

What's OK about an 11 year old autisic boy dressing like a girl and dancing on stage at a homosexual night club where they throw money at him like a stripper?
ZashaKitty · 22-25, F
I heard about that awhile back and havent changed my opinion on it. I think it is disturbing and disgusting and wonder where his parents were and what the hell they were thinking.
I also find it disturbing that so many people came in defense of it and made out like anyone who has a issue with it is homophobic, transphobic and bigoted.. Nah A kid is dancing at a night club like a stripper and grown adults are giving him money for it.

Its wrong
Tinkles · 26-30, F
Ok, that's incredibly disturbing on every level for a whole host reasons
KlonB · 41-45, M
[@1051468,Tinkles] I know, we've already got one pedo on here defending this sick shit. Anyone who thinks the left are the good guys should look at this and think again. They are lying, they're not about compassion or "tolerance" they are about depravity and lies.
Tinkles · 26-30, F
[@1254567,KlonB] just seen his comment, scary!

This isn't about left or right, both sides have pros and cons, but this is about good and evil. Don't bring politics into this.

There's nothing good in this scenario, pure depravity and evil
KlonB · 41-45, M
[@1051468,Tinkles] While the left and right do have their pros and cons such as right wing attacks on abortion rights for instance. Depravity and evil is not stupid and it can and will use the tools at it's disposal including politics. Right now it's using the left. Look at this pedo point out how "no police were involved, no laws were broken. That's because the law has been subverted or crippled to allow this garbage. It probably is against the law but nothing will happen as long as people are in power who think it's OK. There is a movement to normalize exploiting children. Can you imagine just 20 years back what would have happened if someone did this to a child? Look at the video, look at him writhe around like a stripper on stage and collect money from the crowd. Is it worth keeping people in power who allow that?
theAlchemist · 56-60, M
Sick and disgusting. Such pedos need to be put to the flamethrower.
Asificair · M
[quote] The Daily Wire is a far right media source that consistently publishes false or misleading headlines, conspiracy theories, and lies. [/quote]
Asificair · M
[@1254567,KlonB] were the police involved, were any laws infringed? This was a public event.

And I'm not defending anything.
KlonB · 41-45, M
[@854658,Asificair] No but they should have been. To bad Kyle Rittenhouse wasn't there if they weren't.
Asificair · M
[@1254567,KlonB] well you've presented some "evidence" surely it was reported afterwards, if not why not, why has no case been brought? and the "kyle" comment doesnt help at all.
uncalled4 · 51-55, M
What the actual.....?
KlonB · 41-45, M
[@329500,uncalled4] It's real, there was even a TV show called "Drag Kids". Sickening stuff.

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