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These two things are not the same. However, they are more alike than they are different. The Trump hat is an improved swastika. You can put it on your head and carry it around all day without getting tired.

It only needs a little black color, and you are ready to trigger the snowflakes with facts and logic. Trump 2024.

The election was stolen. Trump wins 2024.

[image deleted]

[image deleted]

I don't like trump. This is satire. Im trying to make a point. Look at my profile if you want to know how I really feel. Have you ever heard about a Nazist that doesn't like trump ?
Budwick · 70-79, M
You are disinvited from the next rally!
[@378529,plaguewatcher] I hate trump. He is one of the worst people
SnowBlack · F
It's very poor satire, for as bad as MAGA is it's a far cry from the brown shirts and SS of the Nazi movement.
SnowBlack · F
[@903658,GhostPoncho] I'm glad we're all on the same side. Stay frosty!
Northwest · M
[@1219161,SnowBlack] [quote]I didn't infer there were multiple Nazi parties. And I think it's important that we as democrats don't use the same kind of exaggeration that the republicans are known for. Level heads should prevail.[/quote]

This is not about hyperbole. It's about the real danger we face if these folks get their wish.

I'm not talking about the GOP in general, but the 40% or so of the GOP who make Hitler look like a pussy. AKA the former Tea Party. Have you had a beer over dinner with Sarah Palin and her former husband? I have. Pretty God damn scary.

I live in the part of the country, where these people want to carve out parts of Oregon, Washington and Idaho and form their own state.

As a nominal Jew, along with another nominal Jew, we were pretty nervous when we went out to a diner near Boise, and a bunch of Nazi-tattooed Rhodes Scholars walked into the diner.

If we're not vigilant, pretty soon the Handmaid's Tale will be remembered as a documentary.

BTW, I am not a Democrat. I am a liberal-minded independent voter. It just so happens that since the Tea Party, there has not been a single GOP candidate I thought is worth voting for, with the exception of our state's Secretary of State.
[@9416,Northwest] I think the republicans/trump supporters would be much worse if they didn't have the democrats to keep the balance. They haven't gone full Hitler because we don't let them. It's important to push people like that back.
This is satire. And I don't like trump.
SpaceJesus · 41-45, M
[@1229922,Curxuia] I figured it was hahaha
Deflection at its finest..
the party calling trump nazi for years . Are making hitler look like a kindergartener.. 😁
deadgerbil · 22-25, M
I looked at this and then read your other posts lol thankfully you're not in the Trump cult
I hope you are well. Light and love. 🖤

I read it and it will definitely help me find out for myself. I do not know if I am just bisexual because I have been attracted to people who do not identify as just man or woman, but I do not know or understand it so well yet.

And I don't want to label myself since that can confuse me more.
[@1229922,Curxuia] and you don’t have to, baby. That’s the whole deal. You find you… and in your own time. I assure you, just you… is perfect for you. Orientation is not just an either or, or a flat both. It’s a bit of a sliding scale, and can and does change over time. Let your heart lead you, and you’ll never go wrong. A song for you, since it’s an issue we both struggle with. #ScarsToYourBeautiful 🖤

TurtlePink · 22-25, F
Trump can slap this pu$$y with 10 grand
Wow! A downvote.😮
[@1189039,mondayschild2] I think I we upset trump supporters. Notification said my post is getting bad reports.
JesseInTX · 46-50, M
Ok so why not just post that you don’t like Trump? Why the theatrics?
SpaceJesus · 41-45, M
😆 But what about Trumpy Bear?
ozgirl512 · 26-30, F
Good luck with that!
Steve42 · 51-55, M
I'm glad this is satire.
Blocked ... just satire

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