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A distinction that needs to be made by generations of self-conscious women.

Victoria secrets fashion shows have not exactly been representing "what men want". But rather it represented what the pieces of sh!t of primarily Edward Razek and Leslie Wexner want women to be like; as small as possible.
mikeylyksit · 41-45, M
First, let me state that I don't find victoria secret models to be particularly attractive. To be blunt, many of my girlfriends have been much sexier, with or without clothes on. And yes, I've dated a couple of professional models, by THEIR choice (they approached me first). One of these girls was a very high-paid professional lingerie model, paid good money to look good NAKED. Yeah.

Having said that...

Mens preference for how women look is a natural instinct that men do not control. There are some (few) guys out there who prefer women of size, women who have a bit more cushion for the pushin'. But they are a scientific oddity, and definitely do not represent the average guy.

The average guy wants a small girl with narrow waist and wider hips, as well as a flat stomach and a chest that (regardless of size) is emphasized by the flat stomach. Bonus points if the chest is larger. The most attractive women to almost all guys is BELOW 55KG in weight, with a classic "hourglass" figure.

These women tend to be YOUNG AND FERTILE, which is the EXACT reason that mens' brains are hard-wired to desire them, sexually speaking. It is a pure survival instinct that can't be changed.

To vilify men for something that they have NO control over is kind of evil.

On the other hand, women also like tall, darker skinned men with lots of muscles...especially if they are sporting six-pack abs. As a man, I understand that. I wouldn't expect a woman to naturally be attracted to men who don't match that description. It's not natural.

But for some odd reason, it's OK to criticize men for LIKING WHAT MEN NATURALLY LIKE. But try to criticize women for being too picky and you will be CANCELLED.

Annoying double-standard there...
Men also need to stand up and raise their voices, too.

We all have a part to play in ensuring that realistic models and uniform clothes sizes are used right across the fashion industry.
Keepitsimple · 51-55, F
I don’t pay attention cause I get tangled in all that stuff when trying to put it on so I don’t bother.
Women play into it tho, they love that shit

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