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How do I calm down?馃槫馃槵

So FedEx apparently delivered a package at my house at 12:10pm today and said it was dropped off at my porch. I called them and said I didn't receive it and all they can say is they'll track the package and see where it was delivered.

I'm fuming on rage and anxious. What helps you guys calm down??
xixgunM Best Comment
Security cameras.
[image deleted]
SaraxKay26-30, F
[@777164,xixgun] ugh that would've helped me 100% because I was at work at the time. But there's always someone at my house. Literally. Dammit. This is difficult

You can realize it wasn't something personal. Your package wasn't lost or delivered to a different location just to upset you.

Taking slow, deep breaths and meditating is good.
Thinking of pleasant times in your life, can help, too.
But don't let things like this bet the best of you.
Life is too short.
Gusman56-60, MVIP
That kind of delivery is always fraught with the opportunity of it being stolen.
I always state, "Must be signed for"
No signature? no delivery.
When situations arise that have the potential to cause anger/frustration then I simply accept that it has happened, I had no control over those events and go about rectifying the situation.
Anger is counter productive.
SaraxKay26-30, F
[@546016,Gusman] yes and I wish I would've seen another option of putting it as signature for delivery 馃槶馃槶馃槶
ScarletWitch26-30, F
Someone stole it

I heard that fedEx has a key and can actually open ur door to drop the package inside ur home.
[@386170,ScarletWitch] fed-ex guy opens my door it would likely be the last package he delivers
ScarletWitch26-30, F
[@4018,ExperienceDLT] u can request it so dont worry
[@386170,ScarletWitch] ok cool cause it wouldn't be such a good idea to try to open my door unannounced first my dog would eat his ass alive and that's only if I didn't shoot him first lol
curiosi56-60, F
They will track it as they have scanning devices that they use to know when and where it was delivered. Worst case scenario the retailer will get involved and send you a new package and they will deal with Fed-ex.
Deep, cleansing breaths!
SaraxKay26-30, F
[@426791,Justsayit] thank you so so much. I appreciate that. I've been doing that now.
Some drivers scan packages only to deliver them few hours later. If the manager tracks the records it shows they have been consistent. When in fact they did most of their work in just 2-3hrs.
SaraxKay26-30, F
[@492052,Emortal] meaning the driver could've scanned it yet haven't delivered it yet? The first time I tracked the package it said it would be delivered at 8pm today but it changed to 12pm.
Not ordering stuff online helps me.

You should never order anything to be delivered that鈥檚 going to set you back a lot of money. If someone takes it or drops it or something...
Ian12361-69, M
Sit down and have a cup of coffee. Count to 10. Decide the best course of action. Follow it through. Btw Good Luck馃憤
SaraxKay26-30, F
[@899452,Ian123] thank you!!! 鈾ワ笍 I'm feeling better with these suggestions
Ian12361-69, M
[@406946,SaraxKay] Glad to hear this 馃榾 Hope it goes well 馃
Sic your pet pit bull on the driver you will feel better
The fact that this isn鈥檛 a serious problem?
SaraxKay26-30, F
[@981722,Morvoren] yes. It's only a phone that I purchased and I'm trying to not make this such a big deal. But when my anxiety gets to the best of me I can't stop thinking about it. So I'm trying to calm down and tell me this isn't a super serious issue.
DonaldTrumpet70-79, M
WhOTz the package HUNz?
SaraxKay26-30, F
[@467787,DonaldTrumpet] a new phone that I wanted 馃槶馃槶馃槶
DonaldTrumpet70-79, M
[@406946,SaraxKay] dialZ the NumberZ Huns to locateZ ITz
CaptainKirk36-40, M
Angry dance

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