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I had a heartbreak that killed me inside.

The guy was good, it was just circumstances, conditions that made it not work out.
I was already so suicidal and everyone pointed fingers at me for being immoral and bad for liking a guy and called me so many bad depressive things.

It killed me inside. Killed everything inside me.
Already i had troubled childhood, health issues then this.

I wonder what bad karma I've done in my past lives.

I don't want to be here anymore. I'm living just for my loved ones.

There is so much heartache and hopelessness in my heart.

Oh Lord, why you did not come save me?
Was I that bad?
Spnk836-40, M
Hang in there. Things seem bad right now but with time it gets better. You may never forget this all but it gets better. I've been dealing with the heartbreak of not having my ex and missing her etc. It's been rough especially since I can't get away from the memories as she use to work at my job with me and even been to my house of course so I have no where to "get away" if you will but I know with time I'll heal. God never gives us more then we can handle even if it seems like we can't. Take care 鉂わ笍 馃檹
YourFriend4ever26-30, F
@Spnk8 you're right. May god always keep the hope alive.
Thank you for helping.
Spnk836-40, M
@YourFriend4ever so how exactly were you being immoral of you don't mind me asking?
Spnk836-40, M
@YourFriend4ever you're welcome 馃
sugarpie26-30, F
Your worth cannot be defined by what others tell about you. We all experience sufferings, and I hope knowing you are not alone will comfort you.

Sometimes, it's not about karma or God's punishment. There are really just people who are too cruel.

Cry out loud tonight, bit remember that all these things will pass soon.
YourFriend4ever26-30, F
@sugarpie Thank you so much for comforting words.
The people who pointed fingers at me were my loved ones only.
They were mad at me for being immoral and hurting myself.

But i can't seem to forgive them for giving me so much pain by harsh words.
It was killing.
Like killing someone's soul, murder of soul.
AngelKrish26-30, M
Dear, please have faith in God!
That's and evil making u ask these questions..
Oh Lord, why you did not come save me?
Was I that bad?
Faith is very important as it connects us with creator, we are born for calling name of creator and to prayer ....we have to devote everything to him we have because he had given us this life....
Karma of past life can cause troubles but power of our prayers can save us from worst things that can completely destroy us...

We do have pain and bad experiences...
Don't listen to others what they had said..
Your God knows who u are...not from just this life but from many past life he knows you!
He knows you better than u know yourself !
He given you new life to complete those tasks or dreams you had in your past life...
There is always a reason of our existence!

Right now things may not be clear but things will change, he can change...
Be hopeful # God bless u!
YourFriend4ever26-30, F
@AngelKrish Thanks for this beautiful reply
Keep steadfast and strong. Hold yourself up to positive things. Your heart and soul will reward you for it. Just believe in yourself, things will get better 馃珎
@YourFriend4ever Feel free to reach out, even if it is to get a heartfelt hug 馃
YourFriend4ever26-30, F
@mindlessdrifter thank you so much 鉂わ笍
@YourFriend4ever My pleasure
Riemann31-35, M
It's a test and you need to pass it.
I am here if you want to talk.
YourFriend4ever26-30, F
@Riemann What kind of test is this, where I'm killed inside.
Riemann31-35, M
@YourFriend4ever You need to rise above. Here for you. Shine.
YourFriend4ever26-30, F
@Riemann Thank you those words gave me some positivity.

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