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What's the difference between religion and spirituality?

DocSavage · M
Spirituality is a fantasy. Religion makes money out of it
Leggs · 46-50, F
@DocSavage You mean to tell me guys like this are just trying to get into peoples' wallets?
I think he is working for a "lower" power.
Just watch about 30 seconds at least,

Peaceandnamaste · 26-30, F
@DocSavage I’m Native American so I’m spirituality is connection with Nature
“Next to the true beauty and magic of the real world, supernatural spells and stage tricks seem cheap and tawdry by comparison. The magic of reality is neither supernatural nor a trick, but – quite simply – wonderful. Wonderful, and real. Wonderful because real.”
― Richard Dawkins, The Magic of Reality: How We Know What's Really True
Grateful4you · 70-79, M
I guess religion is more about an organized doctrine based on supposed revelations or "divine" messages sent from some higher form of being. It supposedly teaches mankind accepted forms of morality and lawfulness.

Spirituality is more about the metaphysical realms that are experienced rather than taught. It is mostly found through meditation, inspired writings, music, and often from folks as simple as the proverbial "Crazy lady on the bus" This is one reason I listen to everyone since almost all people have something to offer.

Poets and classical composers, writers, artist, are the same as "inspired" prophets of the bible only the language and mode of delivery are different.
Dshhh · M
spirituality is a pretty natural state of mind and heart for many we are drawn to the spiritual experience.
Religion is an exploitation of this urge, to create control and uniformity, and give some the chance to make a living off of others
Not much. Neither will get you to heaven.

Religion and a person's denomination, have nothing to do with salvation.

Spirituality means you could believe in anything, and is "loose", with no real commitment to God. Some use the term "Higher Power", which could mean anything, but certainly used to avoid commitment to and acknowledging Jesus as Savior, or that there IS a God. I never use that phrase. To me, it is denying Christ as my Savior, or ashamed to admit He is. Jesus said If you deny me before men, I will deny you before my Father in heaven.
Adstar · 56-60, M
Spirituality is part of religon

The only question is if one is being inspired by the Holy Spirit or an evil spirit/s..
Religion is what you do socially with other people. Cathechism. Bible study. Group worship. Sacraments.

Spirituality is what you do alone. Can include all the things one does in a group. Just alone. Sometimes spirituality can involve small groups of intimate friends.

This is why the religious people hate the spiritual people.
@REMsleep My experience would say otherwise. Not participating in a formal social expression of religion makes one suspect by those who do.
REMsleep · 41-45, F
@CopperCicada Well my issue is that you have made this a blanket statement. Many many people claim to follow a particular religion but they do so in name only, perhaps it is these that you speak of.
Others may follow a religion but you aren't aware of them because they don't bother you. I'm just saying its not cool to blanket all people who follow a religion together as though they are all similar.
@REMsleep You are right. My apology, I stand corrected.
REMsleep · 41-45, F
Religion is adhering to organized faith which has certain rules or teachings.
Spirituality means different things to different people so it's definition is more loose.
Some people just mean that they believe in something other than what can be seen and some people who are part of religions are also spiritual.
bookerdana · M
This suggests a few ideas
likeavirgin · 22-25, F
Religions of the supernatural kind include the concepts of God(s) and heaven in addition to the simpler concept of spirit.
CJay1 · 51-55
Religion - one belief system.
Spirituality - all beliefs or a universal belief in a power greater than self
If you try to define them then youll find out!

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