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I dont know why this guy blocks me.

He answered my question then I found out he blocked me. Some people from Ep are soo weird. Seriously, like you make me happier on here? I don鈥檛 even notice you exist. They either ignore me or block like they have anything to offer. They are nothing but boring individuals that make this site more gloomy. lol 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 THE weird issue is I never fought with these people. Please, I don鈥檛 need to see you on this site anyway because you鈥檙e not my type. I like people that are kind and fun to interact with. The EP members that I loved either didn鈥檛 join SW or left long ago when it first started.
antonioioio61-69, M
I'm an x EP member and I was never blocked on EP And I was twice blocked on SW
Actually I was gone off SW for a few years and only came back lately and extreemnext told me that I had a small weaner and I told her that she should be called a dickhead and she had me blocked
People who block you are people who disagree with your opinion or don't like you and it dose not matter where they come from and the ones that like you are the only ones that matter
antonioioio61-69, M
[@1230725,CallmeDestiny] Actually their was more to it than that. She said it was limp not small and my reply was a lot longer, you only heard the end of it, what she should be called,
I knew that I had her at boiling point when she replied saying. No one has never called me a dickhead before and then blocked me
I have never blocked anyone no matter what because i am able to stand up for myself
I also under stand why nice gentle people like you need the blocking tool
Actually SW should have a way for members to find out the amount of times someone has being blocked
It鈥檚 best she blocked you because you two didn鈥檛 get along anyway. [@1239145,antonioioio]
antonioioio61-69, M
[@1230725,CallmeDestiny] i would never keep annoy someone
I never minded having a go at someone rude or a pully
I instantly feel their dark energy & that's why this place easily amps up my anxiety. But on the flip side, we have some truly beautiful souls, and those are the ones that keep me here. I'm quite certain you were the one to post about the resident SW "savior"... and if so, you're another example.. because you see clearly what's around you.馃憖
Oh yes, they have strong dark energy that鈥檚 toxic. There鈥檚 a lady that was accusing me of being cruel to her friend and I swear when I saw her face it gave me chills down my spine. There was something about her that didn鈥檛 seem right at all and she has lots of followers but I don鈥檛 care about her. I blocked her and everyone associated with her because I do not deal with people that hate and stalk me online. Even her boyfriend popped up on one of my posts and commented something soo chilling that I was shocked and blocked him. These people need to stop using their energy making others miserable online and grow up. They are in their early 30s and it鈥檚 time to learn manners and learn how to leave people alone online. I try to block people that express bad vibes before they try to attack me and I am good at realizing if someone is a rotten apple here. We all deserve to feel comfortable on here because no one is better than anyone. They think they are better than everyone and try to manipulate. I鈥檓 happy to just have normal and kind people around me here. [@1137766,CosmicWildflower]
smiler201256-60, M
{@callmedestiny] whatever reason he had to block you why worry yourself.there are a lot more intersting people on similar worlds wanting to chat
I know he鈥檚 a sad boring soul that needs prayers. [@3749,smiler2012]
dontbekoi36-40, F
It's a different time than EP. Everyone is stressed and worried. I wouldn't give it any thought 馃槉
Yes, more stressed and bitter just wanting stupid fake laughs. [@1224624,dontbekoi]
I love people who block me!! It's like the trash throwing itself out to the curb! 馃え
This isn't EP
[@4176,RebelRebel] The cool Ep members arent around here anyway.
[@1230725,CallmeDestiny] What do you mean ? I was on EP for 10 years and loads of my nice friends from EP are here and i dont ignore you
I don鈥檛 have loads of nice Ep members on here that are my friends. It鈥檚 the opposite, I don鈥檛 have one Ep friend on here now. You don鈥檛 ignore me but I don鈥檛 know you. [@4176,RebelRebel]

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