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Boundaries. Got to have Boundaries. I added someone to Snap. They started calling me. Didn't answer. 5 minutes later. Called again

Then again. I clicked the notification thinking it would let me reject call but it answered! 馃槼 awesome. Has the best ever Irish accent, but i didnt want calls unless it was agreed on. That's just rude in my opinion. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it's the thing now. Told him i can't take calls just randomly. And he immediately goes to sending nonstop messages. Obsessive much? Boundaries.

No, no one on this site.
HatterM46-50, M
I do believe that there is an epidemic of loneliness in the world. Does social media help, or not?! I guess in some ways, a level of connection is possible, though I do fear at times that just as quickly as someone can connect on these types of platforms / devices, they can disconnect, and before that, become quite obsessive perhaps.

I think the loneliness, desperation and "throwaway" nature of connections these days can at times bring out the less pleasant side in people. It's very sad to encounter and it must be even sadder to suffer from, though I hope for them they find an alternative that isn't a nuisance to others and helps them relate better for themselves, in time, Bexsy.
HatterM46-50, M
@Magenta I see your point, of course, Magenta. To me I know it's a solace especially in the circumstance of my being largely housebound due to various factors. If I started to become a nuisance to others though, which I hope I do not, I would, of course, question how I am using it 馃
@HatterM I understand. I'm glad you see it and have it as a solace and I realize some seem to really need it. 馃
But my experience is, some just use you to fill a void or their loneliness (you become close) until it isn't convenient for [i]them[/i] any longer and your "importance" to [i]them[/i] vanishes.
HatterM46-50, M
@Magenta Yes, those who treat others as a throwaway convenience through social media aren't relating really, in my opinion, though it might provide them comfort in only a selfish way.
MrEagle41-45, M
Yes it鈥檚 rude. Boundaries should be mutually agreed upon and respected.

I鈥檓 glad I don鈥檛 have snap. Butt dials with that must be something else! 馃槼
@MrEagle butt dials 馃ぃ

My sister butt dialed me last night. I could hear her talking to someone lol
LilcuteLilcrazy46-50, F
Oh I LOVE Irish accents! But ya dude, the call has to be pre approved first. Lol
@LilcuteLilcrazy exactly lol
elafina31-35, F
I don't like that either, no calls unless it's agreed on. Intrusive, too strong too fast. Like he can't wait. Like he does't pay attention to important pauses, and details. Next one
@elafina i know some prefer voice chats. I'm not. It takes me awhile to get comfortable with someone. And when they're pushy like that..I retreat quickly
elafina31-35, F
@Bexsy just a pity because he had the cute Irish accent
@elafina i know. That sucks. I love Irish accents
DisappearingTide31-35, M
I didn鈥檛 think people still used snap. I had one years ago but never fully got into it. Either way, randomly calling without no notice, especially on an app geared toward video isn鈥檛 right.
@DisappearingTide yeah , it freaked me the hell out
Those are the reason I do not use snap. There should be agreed upon discussions before calling anyone ever. Heck my private conversations on here have to be on an agreed to have basis.
Degbeme70-79, M
VampireOfDesire22-25, M
I think i given you enough room on snap
@VampireOfDesire you gave me more room than needed 馃ぃ
VampireOfDesire22-25, M
@Bexsy well guess who gonna be calling you 3times tonight 馃槒
(Gotta practise my irish accent tho)
@VampireOfDesire them irish accents tho. Lol niceeee
Silentpleasure31-35, F
Guess this means i cant move in either....boundaries smoundaries!

Im outa here!!

Why you lying???馃槥 you told me to call any time..
@NightsWatch develop an Irish accent, then you can
Holy red flags batman 馃槼
@Chernobylplaygrounds yesss, he got hateful. So he's removed
@Bexsy What a psycho ...glad you got rid of him
Those Irish do what they want
@HannahSky potatoes and whiskey
Not good
How NOT to talk to me.


Do I detect a tone? Say hello to my block button
pdockal56-60, M
Remove them

Maybe next time you add someone make it clear no calls till you agree ?
The internet is a playground of extremes.
For some its like intstant letters, but with etiquette.
For others, its like their personal immediate response medium.

Im kinda wary of the latter - reeks of needy and possibly spoilt. Not to mention a tad self centred and unaware of consideration.

So yeah.....boundries. 馃憤
@OogieBoogie i said im sorry 馃榿

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