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It's hard to believe - or it's NOT hard to believe? - some on SW have blocked 500 or more fellow SW users.

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Not hard to believe at all
I've blocked no one
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PerfectionOfTheHeart41-45, F
Not at all hard to believe given this group.

Just checked and while I have only 80鈥ek鈥locked, I have upwards of 750 muted. 馃槼. Some of us really have to take measures to make the feed we鈥檙e exposed to more bearable, and both of those features make it easier to do.
@PerfectionOfTheHeart 馃槼 - A couple of days ago I started blocking those who have blocked me (I've initiated no blocks of my own, though). I'm up to 62 so far. Ever notice these two points? - - - -> 1) Many posts indicate there are x number of replies but when you see the replies there are sometimes fewer? This probably indicates you've been blocked or muted. 2) You'll often see the notice that "This response has been deleted" in the replies section which also means you've been blocked from seeing it.
Not hard to believe but I don't take SW this seriously. I obviously love using it and typing about my life and I have a few genuine friends but as for blocking I don't really care about that unless I have to. I have 42 people blocked since 2016
LordShadowfire46-50, M
People talking about having 80 users blocked. I've got no one blocked that I intended to block. The website forces you to block people when you report hate speech or whatever.
First of all .

There aren't even 500 people on SW
@Faloney most are just alts
@Chernobylplaygrounds I understand but where did you get this info? Is it a hunch or do you have hard data? 500 free blocks does seem a far stretch.
@Faloney I single handedly painstakingly counted them all
SilkenMist46-50, F
I am pretty slow on the block. I have blocked only 23 people.
My reasons, when I have to are -

Someone blocked me first AND I recognize their name and they pretty much suck.
It is a spammer.
It is a constant pain in the butt and I finally say "Screw it".
THEN there was some guy who kept trying to demand I send him pictures.

BTW I feel like if someone actually needs to block several hundred people, maybe the one doing all that blocking is the problem and this place isn't for him or her.
Max4126-30, M
That is my block list it in other social media
@Max41 Holy eff 馃槻
Max4126-30, M
@Faloney Holy Fesus ?
@Max41 Something like that, uh huh 馃槈
MasterLee51-55, M
Sw doesn't have proper filtering or search capabilities so blocking and muting is the only way
ViciDraco36-40, M
I have 0 people blocked, but it's easy to believe just from what I've seen on here.
LordShadowfire46-50, M
@ViciDraco @Faloney I did not know that. So what should I do with the account now? 馃槅
ViciDraco36-40, M
@LordShadowfire 馃し鈥嶁檪锔 it may still be useful if you use the app?
@LordShadowfire Make it a troll account
iamonfire69636-40, F
It鈥檚 not hard to believe. I have 98 blocked and 105 muted.
@iamonfire696 Thankfully - for now at least (馃榿) - I'm not one of them.
iamonfire69636-40, F
@Faloney I don鈥檛 block people unless they are mean and I haven鈥檛 seen that from you.

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