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I’ve blocked a couple since starting

I’ve got two blocked at the moment.
One is a climate change denier.
The other is an older guy who contradicts every post I make.

I keep off the Spirituality site. That is where the real nutcases are.
AllycatAD · 26-30, F
@sunriselover WHIMP ok, now I don't give a F***K if I'm blocked
AlienFox · 36-40, F
I'm nearing 150 blocks. None of them made lightly. I hate blocking people but over the years you come across some people that rub you all wrong. Some people are here just to be mean.
Convivial · 26-30, F
There's a reason for the block button...
Pretzel · 61-69, M
Only a couple?
Lilnonames · F
@Pretzel yeah me too hahaha
JoyfulSilence · 46-50, M
I have blocked over a thousand, most likely. But I keep unblocking really old blocks to stay under the 500 block limit.
Montanaman · M
I hesitate to add you, as i don't want to be presumptuous and get blocked. 🤗
starlitflower2 · 26-30, F
@Montanaman the guys were cress and sent me porn and inappropriate questions in pm
Really · 80-89, M
@starlitflower2 Herb was definitely cress (sorry!)
IamBack · 31-35, M
Just a couple? I’d expect more tbh 😵‍💫 sorry you had to meet the weirdos already
starlitflower2 · 26-30, F
@IamBack I’m pretty tolerant as it is the internet
Jonjdw · 46-50, M
That is why it is there. I have not had to yet.
starlitflower2 · 26-30, F
@Jonjdw as a pregnant woman I get all kinds of weirdos 😂
Jonjdw · 46-50, M
@starlitflower2 I understand just having that f after does it.
Slade · 56-60, M
JohnnyBrightside · 41-45, M
Haven’t blocked anyone yet. Don’t see the need but probably because I don’t interact a whole lot
DiegoWolfe · 36-40
what it something they were into that made you block said couple?
starlitflower2 · 26-30, F
@DiegoWolfe sent me porn in pm, were generally creepy
DiegoWolfe · 36-40
@starlitflower2 Yeah i totally get blocking them for that, unasked for porn is creepy af
StevetheSleeve · 31-35, M
Hey, if you ever block me keep in mind I meant no harm. Lol
Houdini · 56-60, M
So what is anybody bothered
@Houdini It is surprising that you have to block at all. Such is the world today.
It was simpler on EP.
Houdini · 56-60, M
@sunriselover iv been on here for years and never blocked anyone I don’t get bothered by anything that gets posted on here I only look at what I want to look at. But me iv been blocked hundreds of times
Ferric67 · M
I've given out zero blocks
None, nada
Havesomefun2 · 56-60, M
Been blocked she didn’t like my answers re COVID
@Havesomefun2 Yes that is a sensitive one. A lot of people have died of it. I’ve had it twice. Yet people are strongly antivax
Havesomefun2 · 56-60, M
@sunriselover well I have breathing problems so I dint wear a mask but bloody heck she really kicked of thing is I have to shop
Lilnonames · F
Better get vip and get that 5000 BLOCKS u gonna need it
@Lilnonames I’ve done well then to only block two.

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