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Wanna hear about a bad LSD trip?

First off I'd like to note I do not condone use of LSD and that I am actually against it seeing as I had a bad trip. I have only used it the one time though.*

So my "friend," a bad friend i once had, a girl i started hanging out with, suggested we do some LSD lol. Of course , stupid 15 year old me says sure! So we do. I dont know where she got it from. But anyway its an afternoon and we tab. and to wrap it up we basically got picked up in a car by a couple of my guy friends. which we later ditched from a pool hall to walk down the highway in a blizzard. We got picked up by a cop.. dropped off then my friend started hitchhiking. All while there are squirrel skeletons pushing up form the ground on the side of the road and the letters on the phone booth were dripping, like falling and moving around on their own. Crazy shit. Don't recommend acid. Ended that night waving a butcher knife around at my parents trying ot get them to stay away from me. Highly don't recommend doing acid.Shrooms and mescaline are a different story altogether.
Matt85 · 36-40, M
I don't think I'll ever do hard drugs but squirrel skeletons does sound kinda cool.. Also kinda feminine. My sister saw a mermaid on shrooms once. 😆
Montanaman · M
"Daddy's Bottle"

Sometimes, I feel like a mushroom- growing in a cow pie.

A surprise awaits you, if you will,

tonight's a good night to die-


Is that how you feel? Risk-takers, heartbreakers,

take a little pill.

You don't care what it is, or where it came from-

Just how high you will get,

and how it will make you feel.

Daddy's got a bottle, hidden in his stash.

It's got a black label, it's gonna get us trashed.

My big brother's got some crack,

but if you're really a man-

I know where I can get some smack.

Come on boy's, if you will,

take a ride with me-

A little trip would be nice, with some LSD,

or some ecstasy?

Cold, glazed eyes stare unblinking,

just can't figure out what went wrong.

Man, what were you thinking?

Everybody was having fun, we were all into this song,

until you went and ruined it all with that stunt of yours.

'Man, get down before you fall! '

You didn't hear us cry-

You screamed, 'God gave me wings! '

Then you tried to fly.

Red and blue lights flashing, sirens hurt my ears.

Our actions have consequences,

as we discovered our worst fears.

Dark crimson colors flow from your head,

the party's over-

Now that you're dead.

I feel like screaming, but no sound escapes my lips,

as I drop Daddy's bottle-

From my fingertips.

OldBrit · 61-69, M
Glad i stayed clear of acid
Sapio · 51-55, M
I tried it when I was 16. Never had as bad a trip as you speak of but I agree that it's something to stay away from.
pdockal · 56-60, M
Are you still friends with her
Penny · 46-50, F
pdockal · 56-60, M

Oh well
Subsumedpat · 36-40, M
Always wanted to try some of that but never did
Lilnonames · F
Next time be prepared for the unknown when you dwelve where you should not be
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