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To all the single people, are you single by choice or due to other reasons?

I’m curious to know about the different reasons some are single and how your life is during this time. Do you enjoy being single? What do you enjoy while/if you’re waiting to meet that special someone?
swirlie · 31-35, F
Single by choice. The reason being, I don't believe in the institution of marriage. Not a religious hangup because I'm not a religious person anyway, just a very unnecessary idea in this day and age considering that the concept of marriage was born during the inception of Christianity by the Catholic church to either stop or prevent the spread of venereal disease among the uneducated masses at the time.

Do I enjoy being single? Yes, absolutely. The way I look at it, every guy I meet is a 'special someone' within his own Right. I also know that one guy can never fulfill the needs of a woman, her emotional needs or otherwise, which then begs the question of why do we women delude ourselves into thinking that some special, magical guy out there can fill the shoes of 6 different men, all of whom have something different she needs in her life which of course is constantly changing? [/c]
JRVanguard · 22-25, M
Not really by choice
I’m trying to enjoy being single but my last serious relationship ended in December and I’m starting to get lonely
I didn’t want to jump right back into another relationship to let me enjoy being single but also wasn’t going to fight if something came up

There’s been a few short kind of start and quickly stop things I’ve had but nothing that ended up being as serious as I was hoping for

And I’m not really doing anything specific in the meantime, just living life and hoping something comes along
But if it doesn’t I’m in no rush
Torsten · 31-35, M
single by choice. being a single parent, I never wanted people coming in and out of my sons life that he could get attached too and get hurt when or if the relationships dont work out. Plus hear all sorts of horror stories of things like parents partners around children. so yeah screw that, when my son is a old enough where I feel he is good, I might look to be in a relationship again.
I enjoy being single though. I like my freedom and my own company. Relationships can just seem to weigh you down and I dont really like that
Punxi · 26-30, F
School full No time to dedicate my heart. 🤷‍♀️
ShadowWolf · 31-35, M
I would say it's both single by choice and not by choice. Last month I broke up with my girlfriend. So by choice I am now single. But if I had it my way, with the right person, I'd already be married. I would say that reason I'm single, is because very few women are LTR material, nevermind marriage material.
rrraksamam · 31-35, M
No one's hit on me. That's why I'm single.
I'm just an average guy with an average life that no one gives a damn about.

I'm fine with being single, honestly, even though it gets boring, it's better than the constant stress of being in a sh!tty relationship
swirlie · 31-35, F
Thanks for the cursory push of your 'heart' button Kara, but what's your opinion of being single?[/c]
swirlie · 31-35, F
Excellent response. Very well composed and written. Have you ever heard of the concept of 'Manifestation'?[/c]
Kara0H · 31-35, F
@swirlie I’ve heard about manifestation but I only know of it on a surface level. I’m not familiar with the detailed description of manifestation but I do believe it involves that whatever vibe/energy you exert outwards will naturally pull your desired person to you gradually.
swirlie · 31-35, F
That is correct. Your lot in life didn't just happen to you. You actually brought it to yourself, both the good stuff and the bad stuff sadly to say.

If you are single and you cannot find Mister Right, it's actually because you have put out a message in the form of a vibe or an energy that you DO NOT want him to show up! This is not normally a conscious decision we make when we self-sabotage our intent, but it IS done by us and us alone nonetheless.

That being the case, you can turn the tables and manifest way too many people into your life as well if you're not careful! [/c]
RebelFox · 36-40, F
I am single but I really should be for the time being. My last bf killed himself and I’ve been sleeping around to feel connected. But truly I need time to myself more than anything right now. And I’m great with that.
Fairydust · 46-50, F
I’m single by choice, my degree nisi ends this Tuesday and then I can get my absolute. Freeeeeee lol

Then maybe think about dating again. I ended my marriage in 2019, I have dated, maybe it’s time to.
Goodlife · 26-30, M
I am single by choice. I love my life style.I live alone in my own home and work out of it also.
This way I can chose my friends, when I want to work and how I want to dress..
I reality do have a goodlife. 🥰
SubstantialKick · 31-35, M
By choice. I have other things that I need to take care of first before I should even consider dating.
nocturnalbloodlust · 31-35, M
I'd love to be with someone but I'm too afraid to approach anyone and in my head I don't think anyone likes me.
Not single. If I was I wouldn't be waiting to meet anyone, just doing my own things
I'm single by choice. Not my choice though. 😅
MichaelT · 36-40, M
To be honest its both
Jeffrey52 · 51-55, M
Other reasons
Josh1454 · 36-40, M

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