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I Think Too Much

So, here is that series I posted recently (a few minutes ago).
So let's start from a beginning.

As kids, Diego was my friend, we were best friends. That was before grade 2, A few years later during grade 2, I accidentally hit him lightly and he started crying. Him and his friend started chasing me. (At the moment, I feel like the things that happen from the past, is reflecting to my dreams). I was then hurt more than I did to Diego. Years later, in grade 5, I exposed Diego for being a liar and he decided to loose my glasses, and push me. We were about to fight, and we got sent into class. He wanted to be friends still and my mistake was saying yes. A year later, he was stalking my Youtube channel for years. He wanted puberty talks and I was making more mistakes saying sure, and my friends told me he is gay and I started to dislike him. After all that, three more days til we finish grade 8, I was excited to make a video and a blog about my experience. I enjoyed my day, even though he wanted to see me naked. There was one point where we bought condoms and Prank our classmates, and got caught by our teachers and didn't get in trouble. He asked for gay sex and I said no. He masturbated, tried to get me to be gay, and many other things. He was trying to molest me. After that, the next day, the day where we went to the pool. We were going home and all day, I avoided him. I exposed him to my whole middle school boys who were there at the time, and we all stopped trusting him. But after I got home, I told the female teacher who was there during the hotel field trip for the grade 8's. He was in counselling, and I told my friends who warned me from the beginning, that he is in counselling. First day of high school, he tried to get near me saying that everyone hates me for some reason. I could tell he was depressed and he was trying to get close to me. I avoided him for months and one day, on Instagram, I seen a post of him and I did a hate comment. He seen it and that's how he knows I hate him. I never told my grandmother about this incident because I know she is never supportive. But after I moved out of hell (my grandmothers who is abusive). I started to feel followed by him. One day it looked like I was being followed by him, even though he was avoiding me. I still didn't trust him. He could of been acting scared of me so I can feel alright, and he won't be able to hurt me. But his plan was to actually hurt me. But I can't be too sure, he could be careful on me and move on, but I can't tell what he could do. Another day, the second last day before Christmas break, I seen him so close to me, and I ran into the gym where I couldn't get hurt. He stared at me hatefully and I felt the anger at me. A few days ago, I started having a series of a dream of him. I had dreams where I would date him, be his friend, me apologising, and me hating him but he is trying to be with me. This part is the new start, where he wanted to know why I hate him, and why I didn't like him being gay. Then this dream of him following me, and later on the dream he started a school shooting. The end was me trying to send an announcement to the school. Here is where I feel like it might continue off.

He is on a search for me, and I send the announcement successfully! Then he find's out where I am and I have to run somewhere hidden so he won't kill me, and he almost catches me and starts shooting. I run up the stairs, take turns to the bus stop area, and run out of the school. I run to town, and I see the police. A cop might go to me asking why I am running, and where I came from. I say the information and I see more police cars. Since he had a gang on him, he is killing some cops, and the swat team is driving by. The shooting is continuing. It is so dangerous that there is more than police men being killed, it's students, staff, and kids who didn't deserve to die, being shot by Diego. That's when after he gets shot, I visit him at his grave, telling him his mistakes. And I regret what I did, visiting him. He starts to follow me and haunting me. He is trying to kill me and I enter the afterlife, but I am not dead yet. I go to a god, telling a situation, and Diego gets sent to hell. That's when I get sent back to my life, and I live a free life.

I know the school shooting is fake, but it felt too real. I hope that it doesn't come true. I know he is going to hurt me, and I need safety near me, I always come prepared in case if he is trying to hurt me. I always know where to go so I won't be hurt. I go to a place in the public where teachers will help me. I go to classes or I run to my route to the office for safety. No staff knows this is going on between me and Diego, but I need safety.

I blame the furry kingdom for getting him to do this, causing these nightmares to come up to me, haunting me. I never feel safe at the school, running away. I make sure I am safe but I might not be safe. Running away, keeping away, I hide and run and stay quite, avoiding him. I feel unsafe, I feel regret, I feel a the hate. He is chasing me, he is getting me, I run a way from him. I run too far, staying too far, and that is the safety I need... (Some random song I randomly thought of lol, just making me feel happy and more scared just by this song). Anyways, this was just a stupid post of what I think about him and what might happen in my next dream. Just by writing this, I might actually dream it.

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