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I Have Random Memories Of My Childhood

I remember I was about 12 or 13 my dad brought me some feathers from the £1 shop the ones you can clip in your hair. The next day I wore them to school with my hair in a pony tail and four feathers hanging down it. I loved it and I felt unique. I was bullied all day for it people coming up to me saying it looks like you killed a bird but I didn’t care what they said. Unfortunately three of my friends refused to hang out with me that day , I could have taken the feathers out of my hair but no they never mentioned that. One kept saying set fire to her hair and the others kept laughing , I went up to them and they told me to go away and they said they didn’t want to hang out with me today. I asked them what I had done they said nothing and carried on laughing. I was alone all that day so I just walked around showing off my hair and went to get some strawberry milkshake and toast. I felt a bit sad and felt out but I didn’t let it bother me that much. The next day when I didn’t have the feathers in my hair my Freinds hung out with me again and everything was fine after that. And the feathers wasn’t mentioned again.
awww,, now if I was one of those kids in that class or school I would have made you feel special by praising how unique those feathers had made you look and also how imaginative it was. followed by a quick hug.. or if I was a teacher, I would have told you that you should get an A+ for creativity and how it's good to stand your ground and not go by the silly crowd of soo called friends.... 🎉 🎉
lou502008 · 61-69, M
you wore them because they were a gift from dad...nothing wrong with that!
SW User
I'm sorry you had to deal with that. The feathers sound cute :)
Smikezz2 · 46-50, M
Hugs. Kids can be so mean.
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[@5674,ApolloPyro] true and hugs 🤗 you back

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