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What were you doing tonight?

I was sitting here, drinking a bottle of Bordeaux Claret. Listening to Juliette Greco. Wishing my friend well on her first date.
Dinner with relatives and their new baby!
Musicman · 61-69, M
My wife had oral surgery this afternoon. I have been running around like crazy getting her this and that. The only rest I have had is when she slept.
@Musicman I’m so sorry. I hope it went well, and you she is asleep .
Musicman · 61-69, M
@sunriselover Thank you very much. Yes, it went very well. 🙏😊😊😊
@Musicman That is great , take care 🙂
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@meggie Yes, I cook my own soups. But I’m the messiest cook out.

What did you drink?
I rarely do.
Finished the night with Juliette Greco.
meggie · F
@sunriselover dry white wine or gin usually
ImpeccablyImperfect · 51-55, F
It’s only afternoon here and I’m at work.
@ImpeccablyImperfect where there was once a battle.
ImpeccablyImperfect · 51-55, F
@sunriselover ha! Well that narrows it down! I was in Ingelby Barwick
@ImpeccablyImperfect the most famous battle in England was fought three miles from me.
exexec · 61-69, C
Not much other than watching "Expedition X" on Mackinac island. I'm sure Jessica and Phil will find a ghost tonight.
MartinII · 70-79, M
Well, I wish I’d been doing what you were doing!
@MartinII Just enjoying life, that’s all.
Enjoying life and blocking MAGAts
CestManan · 46-50, F
@Adeptlinguist I try to annoy them into blocking me instead, it is more fun.
@CestManan Blocking gives me space and time to think. I rarely do it. Once I unblocked far too soon, and just met rage. I was then blocked in return.
But life moves on.

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