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Having a healthy and realistic relationship to the opposite sex is so important. Ii'm so glad I do now.

This mostly goes for men, but it applies to women too. We often feel like the opposite sex is this complex code that needs to be cracked. Men will make whole ass theories on women's motives and such. The best thing to do for any guy, is to learn about women FROM women, by talking to them and asking them stuff. The worst thing you could ever do, is learn about women from men who don't have wives and don't even seem to like women outside of the sexual arena.

We musth have a healthy and realisitc view of the opposite sex. Does not mean you simp for them, and think they can do no wrong. But does mean you appreciate them for what they can do, what they were made or evolved to do, and can distinguish the good ones from the bad ones.

My eyes are actually reallly open to the struggles of being a girl in ways that it wasn't for most of my life. It's made me way more empathetic.
DarkXtecy · 36-40, M
Why is this so important in this day an age? Apparently there is a spectrum of genders (which btw keeps getting updated with new genders). I mean imagine trying to understand a pensexual...
WhyThooo · 31-35
Lol you don't. You talk about women like property in some of your posts.

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