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Can You Believe In More Than One Religion?

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God no.
I suppose so. Why not?
I'm an atheist.
This poll is blasphemous.
It's called Omnism.
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Can you be a Jew and a Christian? Follow Shinto as fervently as Islam?
SlaveEt · 31-35, F Best Comment
Sure, why not? Most contradict themselves so a certain amount of denial and suspension of reality is needed anyway.
Faloney · M
@SlaveEt LOL - "denial and suspension of reality"
SlaveEt · 31-35, F

Emosaur · 22-25, M
I'm an atheist, but to answer the question directly - no. Christians believe Jesus was their god's son (and at the same time their god somehow) and the messiah while Jews don't, which would create a highly contradictory belief. Then again, religious beliefs are usually contradictory on their own even.
Faloney · M
@Emosaur "religious beliefs are usually contradictory" - religions aren't exactly fact-based which has always gnawed away at me. As an example - whose side is God on in any holy war?
Emosaur · 22-25, M
@Faloney Exactly. What's funny and scary at the same time is that Christians are perfectly willing to demonstrate just how contradictory their beliefs are and yet they just won't realize it.
I'm convinced they're taught to ignore contradictions which is why they act like there weren't any in the Bible, and why they hold beliefs like their god being both infinitely good all the time, yet evil at the same time; I've been literally told by multiple Christians that their infinitely good and loving god wanted Satan, who is defined as pure evil, to do evil things - not realizing that by saying that they're admitting their god doesn't exist as a being which is both all-good AND not all-good is logically impossible.
Faloney · M
@Emosaur Two best comments should be the norm 'cause yours would certainly be one of them.
jshm2 · 41-45, M
You're confused, kiddo. You can believe exactly what you like. But will gain nothing, if you're a flip flopper.

But you cannot be a Jew and Christian as they are opposites in their beliefs. Just as Shinto is a polytheistic faith. Islam is a strict monotheistic one.

Hence your question is moot.
Faloney · M
@jshm2 If only I were as 100% definitive - and as equally dismissive - in anything as you seem to be with this topic.
LordShadowfire · 46-50, M
I used to know a young man who managed to simultaneously believe in Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Vedanta, and Catholicism, if you can imagine.
Faloney · M
@LordShadowfire Shirley you jest.
LordShadowfire · 46-50, M
@Faloney I'm serious. And don't call me Shirley. His name was David.
riseofthemachine · 41-45, M
I believe in Christ and The Virgin Mary but if i kept to only just one religious view on life i would of cracked up long ago .
So the answer is yes i do believe in other religions.
You cannot believe in two contradictory things
Faloney · M
@sexyjigsaw These "some" include Messianic Jews. I'm at the limit of my intellectual capacity so bear with me - 🙃
@Faloney take it easy 😂
Some people genuinely hold such values to heart bro. Have some understanding

I didn't know what Messianic Jews are until I encountered your post
Faloney · M
@sexyjigsaw phew - takin' it easy is something I do well.
Djac17 · 18-21, M
When it comes to Jews and Christians, sort of. Ever heard of Messianic Jews?
Faloney · M
@Djac17 I've heard that term, yes. Now I'll google it to find out more.
Faloney · M
Here's what I found: "Messianic Judaism, (a branch of which is “Jews for Jesus”) is a religious group that has tried to straddle the line between Judaism and Christianity."

Faloney · M
@Chernobylplaygrounds Only a few moments ago I found out what that meant.
Faloney · M
@Chernobylplaygrounds Seriously! And it was interesting.
jshm2 · 41-45, M
@Chernobylplaygrounds Nope. You cannot.

They are basically shunned by both mainstream Jews and Christians. It's basically a Protestant cult, It has no legal recognition in most countries.
DocSavage · M
There’s no reason you can’t believe whatever you want. It’s up to you .
Faloney · M
@DocSavage That could present problems if you were raised in a very strict society. But, personally, I hear what you're saying.
Freeranger · M
DDonde · 31-35, M
The Japanese often believed in Shinto + Buddhism simultaneously

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