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I Support Gay Marriage [Gay Marriage]

To be against gay marriage seems as much sexist as homophobic. I mean the "traditional" marriage between woman and man is the only kind that allows for reproduction and that is in fact the reason religions have been against gay marriage. If you don't believe gays and lesbians not to mention bis should be allowed to marry they you also think of women as nothing but tools of reproductions and that's sick.
canadarm · M
Traditional marriage is also about the joining of families and thd propogation of bloodlines.
It was not just about the two people.
Greyjedi · 31-35, M
These new marriges are also about the joining of families. The propagation of blood lines is what is currently leading humanity as to extinction and dragging the entire bio sphere with it. The obsession with propagation is a prehistoric thought partner and one that propagates sexist oppression and any one who thinks otherwise is a hateful or brain washed human being. I know I'm bringing environmental concerns into this but as the most powerful species on the planet there are too many of us here for the earth to be sustainable. The most power species needs to be the fewest in number in order for an eco system to work. There are many animals immediately in danger an thus have far fewer numbers than our own. The kind of importantance you seem to be espousing "propagation of bloodlines" with is not only sexist and homophobic but a concept which is dangerous to all life on the planet particularly if fossil fuels continue to be used.
canadarm · M
[@449641,Greyjedi] I am not "espousing"; I am explaining a tradition.
I would also argue that the "obsession with propagation" is simply the natural mechanism of the urge to reproduce : common to all Nature. It's not a deliberate thought-plan of action.

You are correct: the Human population is at the tipping point.
My views are analytical not judgmental.
I think it is important to remember that the social structure, which is often accused of being prejudicial to those who are gay, is the same very structure which allows and recognizes legitimate protest and change to take place.
canadarm · M
[@669203,EugenieLaBorgia] very good point.
KeanuChrist · 22-25, M
Tradition is a load of dog shit anyway. It was "tradition" to hunt and gather for food to feed the tribe a few millennia ago but now we go to grocery stores and restaurants. If a tradition is dying it's because it doesn't work anymore if it ever did.
SATshirtBob · 70-79, M
Before leaving Maryland,3 years ago,we were legally married,there,on our 36th anniversary. We were treated just like str8's at our county courthouse,with MANY well wishes of further happiness. But WHY we married was to have at least some of the rights of others,as in end of life directives,and such.

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