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I Have Friends With Benefits

We're not together.
I don't want to have sex with him anymore.
I...still like him just not as much as before.
I've tried letting him go or making him let me go since he doesn't want a relationship and I do.says he wants me but that us together would be's true.he's all lovely and positive and I'm the opposite.
When I try to leave he some how gets me back over and over.
I feel he has a rope around me and I run and run but he just ends up pulling me back.
Not sure if he does it because he actually likes me or...because he likes the sex.

Its probably the sex.
ladysaya · 31-35, F
is call soul ties , i think is just lust that got u , this one is hard to come out of yikes , but i do understand what u going throw is hard to let go , if he dont want a relationship and u do then dont waste ur time on him .... get some one that wants to give you there all not only for one thing ... dont setal for les ...
SW User
It could be because you look like moon
Mangoroo · 26-30, F
[@441654,Popobandar] thats always an issue! I can't change my moon's who I am 😂
SW User
[@379337,Thesweetmango] then i afraid he will somehow always find you because you shine too much at time
Mangoroo · 26-30, F
[@441654,Popobandar] 😂
bearinthebigbluehouse · 26-30, M
Yeah i'ma go with the booty call on this one, dawg. ┬┴┬┴┤•ᴥ •ʔ
Mangoroo · 26-30, F
[@374110,bearinthebigbluehouse] hahahaha 👍
Well thanks.
SW User
If there's potential of chaos you need to detach from it
LucyAndEddy · 61-69, C
He's not pulling you back ....... you're allowing him to pull you back.
Mangoroo · 26-30, F
[@689540,LucyAndEddy] you're totally right.
He pulls but I'm the one who lets him do it.


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