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Are you someone's upgrade?

Maybe the better question is... are [b]they[/b] your upgrade?馃

My intention isn't for the word "upgrade" to come across negatively, arrogantly, or with a lack of compassion. I just mean, as adults, I think we're responsible for our own happiness and well being, so I'm learning to be mindful about [b]how I let[/b] certain people impact my life and heart.
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rjc3656-60, M Best Comment
It would be a 50/50 thing I believe.
StarLily46-50, F
[@810330,rjc36] Definitely.
rjc3656-60, M
[@18164,StarLily] Thank you for the Best Comment.
StarLily46-50, F
[@810330,rjc36] You're very welcome.鈽猴笍

JustcallmeNameless31-35, FVIP
I was definitely their upgrade. Cuz they downgraded when I left.
I WAS. Surprising to me, because people who used to live in the projects are so easily impressed. However, he was not MY upgrade.
Sure... I have someone in my life who is an upgrade on anything that I've ever had before...
Yes, I'm AZ 1.0.

She is the woman I will spend the rest of my life.
I don't know about the word ungrade, but in certain aspects there are certainly people that I'm better...

But in the same context, those same people might be better than me in different aspects.

Depends on what aspects you're looking at.
StarLily46-50, F
[@800884,Viper] I understand. I think it might be about balance, and helping each other grow in a positive direction.
[@18164,StarLily] Absolutely! Totally agree!
SW User
Yes we both were upgrades. Definetly.
Stereoguy56-60, M
I am my wife's second husband and she is my first and only. 馃馃挐馃
That's thoughtful of you.
Being an upgrade of someone is fulfilling. We all should keep that in mind once start with our day.
I don鈥檛 like the word as applied to relationships. I鈥檝e heard too many people use it after dumping a partner for someone younger, more physically attractive or wealthier. So it comes across to me as superficial. 馃檨
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] imagine being instrumemtal in peoples' upliftment irrespective of any barriers. Indra Nooyi set an example by being an upgrade for many - females & males.
[@24735,Silentspectator] It sounds like 鈥渦plifting鈥 would more accurate.
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] A thin line, She is doing both on a grand scale.
DearAmbellina211336-40, F
I'm a downgrade for sure. 馃ぃ
SW User
That's something I strive to be with all those I am close to. I try to be a net benefit. It doesn't matter (to me) if it's equal or fair, I just like being able to help them.
StarLily46-50, F
[@1034896,MischiefAndMadness] Your approach is selfless, coming from a sincere place. Something far too rare.

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