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New profile but not a new member

I’ve been on this site before. Canceled my last account because there were a lot of creeps in my inbox. But I made another profile so maybe I could come back and vent anonymously. I live in a small town, and everybody knows everything about each other. Everyone gossips about each other. So it’s not like I really have anybody to talk to and keep things secret. I’ve been in multiple abusive relationships all my life. I don’t even know what a healthy relationship looks like. My current partner told me all the things that I wanted to hear in the beginning. That I deserve better. I’m beautiful and special and all that other crap. But then continues to abuse me. Make comments about my hair, my weight and my clothes. Tells me that I never do anything to “enhance myself “. I work a job where I need to have my hair pulled back and my hair is frizzy and hard to manage. My partner gets on me about wearing my hair down to enhance myself. Seems like some main stream media brainwashed BS to me. My partner doesn’t except me for who I am. Told me I never exercise and then went on to talk about how in shape they were. I asked them if that implies to me being fat and they replied take it how you want it. Totally implies that I’m fat. And I didn’t think I was. I might’ve gained a little weight recently, but I didn’t think I looked that bad. And trying to wear my hair down just to please my partner is really frustrating. I don’t like my hair. I prefer to have it back and out of the way. I just don’t understand anymore. Feels like nothing I ever do is good enough. I used to be so happy and confident. Think that I was beautiful and that I could do anything. But that’s all gone now.
I suspect that dumping this partner and being alone would be the very best thing you could do for yourself right now. And before you find a new one, learn to love you and appreciate who you are.
@nonsensiclesnail yes I have a few friends and a stepdad who all think my partner is abusive and that I should leave. I have a couple friends that understand how hard it is because they’re been in this situation as well
@thesocialoutcast @thesocialoutcast That is a nice spot to be in, you have a few that understand. I hope you fight for that confidence, you need it back.
@nonsensiclesnail thank you so much. It’s nice to have someone listen so thanks for reaching out
Adrift · 61-69, F
Sometimes your lowest point can bring on your best fight.
@Adrift true. I should be using all this as fuel to help better myself. Hopefully some day I will
Adrift · 61-69, F
@thesocialoutcast someday will just leave you older, exhausted and in a deeper pit to get out of.
Adrift · 61-69, F
Sounds like your current partner needs to be a thing of the past.
@Adrift I know. And I agree. But I’m so broken. I don’t know how to leave. We’re in a really tough situation as well. With our house and everything. It’s not gonna be easy just up and leave. Thank you for replying
smileylovesgaming · 31-35, F
There is creeps on this site?
@smileylovesgaming I take it you’re being sarcastic
Ferric67 · M
welcome back ☮️
@Ferric67 thank you. Not sure if I should be back here or not but figured I’d give it a try again idk 🤷‍♀️
Ferric67 · M
@thesocialoutcast I'm a fantastic listener which enables others to keep me in their venting circle
@Ferric67 I may come vent to you sometime then
Katwoman · F
You won't get rid of the creepy. It's just a temporary way to take a break. Did that done it ended in the same pithole. What you need is self discipline and watch what you say and do online. The info you give is your responsibility no one elses.

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