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My hands are freezing

The coffee mug isn’t warming them much. I’m trying to get some editing work done, but this is tripping me up. Although, I forgot how much I loved typing on a computer. It’s much different to typing on a phone; more satisfying. The click of the keys is some kind of asmr. Plus, I can type without staring at the keyboard, unlike on a phone where I have to see it.

Maybe I also miss my steno keyboard a bit. I could type out whole syllables with that instead of letter by letter. I think typing (“writing” for steno terms) is fun. I miss training to write faster. There’s no point now since I gave up on trying to become a court reporter. Oh well. There’s still the fun of it.
@Colonelmustardseed Same as call centres and everything else.

You could always become a private detective instead!
@OzymandiasLives I couldn’t bear to know everyone’s dirty little secrets. My mind would break. 🫣😂
@Colonelmustardseed fair point lol

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