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Buy a farm they said, It will be fun they said..

I have just spent the last few hours trying to stop flood damage with a pickaxe and lightning flashing just above my head with no gap beteen it and deafenng thunder.

I have never been worried about lightning before but this time I thought my time might be up. Goodbye least the ducks are enjoying it. What a fricken mess if its not bushfires it's floods.

Grateful4you · 61-69, M
And yet, these are the "lazy, easy days of farming" Have fun come spring!
Grateful4you · 61-69, M
[@1236915,enjoythestruggle] Liberace lived right down the street you would imagine perfectly coiffed in expensive clothes right? Wrong. He schlepped around in baggy, stained shorts, an oversized tee shirt and rubber flip flops. A really nice guy though and invited dad to his parties.

Lucille Ball was a "B" and nothing or no one was EVER right, each order ended up sent back to be done "properly" and she told my dad "Don't you DARE ever call me "Dear" again. "I'm NOT some pedestrian run of the mill customer" Dad promptly upped the cost of her Dom Perignon champagne and she quit his store.

Gene Autry heard about this and sent all his friends to dads store and they became best friends. Bob Hope was another jerk who expected all the PS vendors to supply his every need for free. One last thing. Kirk Douglas was his favorite customer, Kirk came in promptly on the first of each month. He did all his own accounting until Michael had to take over as senility stole Kirks cognition. So many stories.
BaldEagIe · 36-40, M
[@881002,Grateful4you] Sounds like your dad would be very interesting to have holding court. 😀
Grateful4you · 61-69, M
[@1236915,enjoythestruggle] He was. A real charmer. Either rescuing people or cats he found along the roadside. Dad never knew a stranger only friends he hadn't yet met. A super guy and role model. I loved him dearly.
cherokeepatti · 61-69, F
A good way to get struck by lightning is not to come in out of a storm. There’s a man here who lives in the next small town that’s been struck at least 6 times, twice at the university where he worked and other times on his farm when he was tending his livestock. He started going to the hospital after the 4th time, they made him go at the university because you can go into cardiac arrest hours after a lightening strike.
InHeaven · F
Oh wow. I'm sorry. Is this your first time/year?
Bushmanoz · 56-60, M
[@518181,InHeaven] no. Had it for several years.. but probably should have done it decades ago. Not at this age
Wow look at all those ducks. 🙂🦆
Bushmanoz · 56-60, M
[@425079,MsAnnThropy] There is another 5 with a dozen ducklings but they are smart enough to be under cover
whowasthatmaskedman · 61-69, M
It explains it clearly on the label:
"I love a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains, Of ragged mountain ranges, of droughts and flooding rains."😷
Is that middle one your driveway !?!?!

That's a.lotta water in a short time .

Know what you'll be doing tomorrow ....😒
[@912138,OogieBoogie] I think it's the ducks driveway now
Bushmanoz · 56-60, M
[@4018,ExperienceDLT] I want a mini excavator..its nice to dream
[@446022,Bushmanoz] that would be helpful to you but I understand it's hard to afford to get everything "needed" good luck to you
BaldEagIe · 36-40, M
Talk about a lot of work. Real life and death stuff too. Good thing you didn't get hit by that lightning. Hope it picks up for you soon - and how. ✌️
MrAboo · 31-35, M
Look into permaculture, your soil can handle the water if set up right
HootyTheNightOwl · 36-40
It was a driveway... now its just a river!!! ☹️
Nebula · F
Geez, glad you didnt get zapped
subshelby · 22-25, F
You can afford a farm?
TexChik · F
Wow! A toad floater !
Iamonfire666 · 36-40, F
I am sorry, that sucks
Teslin · 61-69, M
Good luck 🥴😳

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