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Way too early 2024 POTUS poll

Poll - Total Votes: 37
Joe Biden (Democrat)
Donald Trump (Republican)
Third Party
Taco Sandwich/Not voting
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If the 2024 US Presidential election were today, who would have your vote?
MrBrownstone · 41-45, M Best Comment

HollyW · 18-21, F
Why are 50% voting for the head of a criminally convicted organization who is ranked one of the very worst presidents ever? is SW this pathetic?
calicuz · 51-55, M

Do you really need to ask?
ron122 · 41-45, M
Bidens pretty much a vegetable now. By 2024 he won't be in any shape to run.
BlueVeins · 22-25
With oil prices as high as they've been, I can't imagine voting for the party of Big Oil.
BlueVeins · 22-25
@Stereoguy Most poor people already use electric stoves, gas stoves are more of a middle class & rich thing. Probably would be cheaper to only run electric lines rather than gas too, the problem to that end is of distribution & subsidies. As for installation, electric & gas stoves are very similar in sticker price.
Stereoguy · 56-60, M
@BlueVeins Not when you are doing a retrofit. That is very costly. I am glad to know that poor people don't have gas stoves or furnaces. And in times of rolling brown outs and wanting everyone to switch to electric cars adding electric stoves to the grid shouldn't cause any problems.
BlueVeins · 22-25
@Stereoguy Idk, electrification should be subsidized, which was one of the things I liked in the IFR. The whole grid needs a massive investment and has needed it for a while, especially in places like CA and Texas where it's really poorly run.
MasterLee · 51-55, M
Biden won't run
Djac17 · 18-21, M
@MasterLee well, for now he is....
LetsGoBrandon · 31-35, M
Harris vs Trump?
Djac17 · 18-21, M
@LetsGoBrandon I feel like thats more likely to happen. No way he actually runs again, and the Dems have to save the face of this administration somehow. Even though Trump continues to smoke her in the polls
Zonuss · 41-45, M
Third Party candidate.
scrood · 26-30
TRUMP 2024

Save America
calicuz · 51-55, M
Third party
Biden. I think he needs more of a chance.
Plus he needs more support in the Senate.
I stronger Democrat backing would make it easier to get more done.
eli1601 · 70-79, M
@hartfire He's been incompetent for 50 years. More time won't change that.
LordShadowfire · 46-50, M
Biden, unless a better option gets the Democratic ticket.

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