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Maybe you missed that part about the 1%鈥檚 tax hike?
[@603039,AbbySvenz] exactly
if the proposals don鈥檛 happen...we won鈥檛 be in our current state in 50 years. i guess you stepped out of the room when he was talking about China?

we will become a third world country with nuclear capability.. that no one trusts..
foreign investors will keep buying...until they control war needed.

i am so happy you got your tax break on 2017 though馃槀
Says the guy who thinks trickle down economics is a thing and still think President Obama destroyed California's construction industry.
curiosi56-60, F
Cloward - Piven strategy. No secret yet the sheep refuse to see it.
It's [i]cute[/i] when the self-appointed 'deficit hawks' wake up after 4 years of hibernation and suddenly point out that we have deficits. Trump ballooned our national debt by 36%, adding at least $8.3 trillion; over $2 trillion per year. And from the deficit hawks? [i]crickets.[/i] Sorry, if you want to have any credibility on this, you need to be on record criticizing Trump's ever growing deficits.

With that said, you should look at the difference between Biden's spending and Trump's spending. Biden has plans to [b]pay[/b] for his programs, unlike Trump who pretended tax cuts would pay for themselves.

When Reagan proposed that he could cut taxes and the cut would pay for itself, the idea was crazy but untested. When Reagan cut taxes without cutting spending, deficits bloomed. When Clinton raised taxes, he still presided over a faster growing economy than Reagan by every measure. Bush cut taxes, deficits exploded up to $1.4 trillion in his bailout year. Deficits shrank under Obama, then exploded again after Trump's tax cuts (if you want the numbers I can post them). IN the 40 years since Reagan, tax cuts have NEVER paid for themselves - the claim they do is the most pernicious lie in the republican arsenal.

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