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If Land of Israel should be returned to Jews shouldn't land of America be returned to it orignal owners "the natives" and all Europeans should go back

Just wondering about what our true rights are for this land, which once belonged to Natives and was taken from them by force, dirty politcs and so on.
english · 51-55, M
its a proven fact the jews were never ever in Israel .they are originally from eastern Mongolia, Rothschild himself said it best,I care not for a countries govenrnments and laws,as long as i control its wealth .
NativeOregonian · 51-55
[@518144,Spaceshipcaptain] You never met my mother then, or my Dad's mother, both trash.
Spaceshipcaptain · 41-45, M
[@712671,NativeOregonian] Even though i did. I give everyone a basic human level respect. I do not agree with them, not my friends or people i like but i avoid insulting anyone that is what my father and mother taught me. I treat everyone the same as i expect my loved ones to be treated.
NativeOregonian · 51-55
[@518144,Spaceshipcaptain] Not everyone lives a utopian self righteous life like yours, my mother was my main bully while both of my older brothers constantly snitched me out over their shit, I am the youngest of three. My oldest brother, instead of protecting me, sicced older kids on me, having to learn to fight dirty for survival, my other brother always snidely telling me that no one knew I existed, all this shit happened before my Dad died when I was ten, and got much worse after je died. My mother's extended family was just as bad and cruel to me, my mother's own sister telling me a week after my Dad died to get over it, he was dead, and to go back to school. My Dad's own mother and little brother when I was 27 tried having me arrested because I was moving out and going to live with a woman in another state. I was living with my grandmother because I promised my Grandfather I would take care of her after he died, but she soon let my uncle move in and giving him the rent money I gave her, he was too lazy to work, considered drug tests unconstitutional. My grandmother was also a spendthrift, I was constantly covering her bad checks and keeping the utilities from being disconnected. What broke the camel's back was my uncle moved his girlfriend in, a mousy, mouthy little cunt. One day she cornered me in the kitchen when I had a day off from work, my uncle got her to demand I give my grandmother more money. Never mind I was giving my grandmother straight cash of $600 a month, that she in turn was giving to my uncle, when the mortgage was only $475, never mind that I was keeping the lights, phone, and cable, from getting shut off, never mind I was paying my grandmother's bad check fees. I was shelling out an average of 90% of my take home pay. I walking 2.5 miles to work and back every day, could not afford a bus pass, while my lazy uncle had a car, the rest of my money going to food, that my grandmother and uncle was always eating, as well as his girlfriend. Other family members watched all of this and NEVER said anything, just let it happen. The day his girlfriend demanded more money was the day after I put in my two weeks in at work and bought a greyhound to Kansas. The night I tried leaving, they called the police on me, claimed I hit my grandmother and threw her to the floor, stole money from her, and fled the scene, I had just gotten paid that day. However, I had a solid alibi, my supervisor at work drove me there, I counted my money in front of her and put my wallet on her dashboard and went inside to get my things, a fight ensued, I got out of there, she drove me back to where I worked, and the cops showed up ten minutes later. I gave the cops my alibi, she told them what she witnessed and told the exact amount I counted in front of her and the cops cleared me. When the cops demanded to know why they were called, my grandmother said that if they lost my paycheck, no one else was going to get it. They asked me if I wanted to press charges, I asked if I had to stay in Oregon, they said yes, so I declined. The cops told my uncle and my grandmother they were lucky.
Northwest · M
I guess we're hypocrites, at a number of levels:

1. Religion, because the Land of Israel, is the Land Of Israel, because "God" said so.

2. We're pushing for a solution, that involves forcing more than 1 M people to resettle, in order for the Orthodox to have the West Bank.

A two state solution should work for Israel/Palestine, if we don't take sides and it's too late to give the country back to the earlier inhabitants, but we can do, is remember that we're all immigrants, that the Nation is not under "God", relax a bit, and welcome newcomers as immigrants, the way our forefathers were (wait, maybe nicer).
if the jews think that israel belong to them by Gods appointment
they should remember they crucified Jesus
and disowned him
they said ceasar is our god
when push came to shove
and all bets are now off
but let us say it is still so
then let God sort it out on His time
stop the darn bloodshed
about the native americans...
they should take back their land like the africans are doing right now
where can they trump up support I wonder ?
NativeOregonian · 51-55
[@980195,IseeBeautifulThingsAroundYou] There is zero tangible evidence any such Jesus ever existed, the Romans have no records of him, and they wrote down everything.
[@712671,NativeOregonian] Did his parents exist?
NativeOregonian · 51-55
[@980195,IseeBeautifulThingsAroundYou] Doubtful
Shapeshifter · 31-35, M
Exactly, and it Wasnt even the Palestinians who removed the Jews from Israel. Also they're not real jews. They just adopted the religion
Shapeshifter · 31-35, M
[@712671,NativeOregonian] what does Hitler have to do with it? These are the facts.
NativeOregonian · 51-55
[@1015674,Shapeshifter] If you have to ask you are too stupid to even cross the street by yourself. Prove it.
Spaceshipcaptain · 41-45, M
[@1015674,Shapeshifter] what do you mean by this comment so who are the real Jews?
MarkPaul · 22-25, M
All humans today are in place because of historical migrations. How far do you want to go back and return people to their ancestral starting point?
Spaceshipcaptain · 41-45, M
[@8638,MarkPaul] to a point where the hypocricy of those who claim to own somwthing is stopped.
MarkPaul · 22-25, M
[@518144,Spaceshipcaptain] That's not practical.
MrMonnyPenny · 22-25, M
Not totally sure but, the natives never settled anywhere, they kept moving about. So there was no homesteaded property to be stolen
NativeOregonian · 51-55
[@870985,MrMonnyPenny] The First Nation's People kept to their own territories, they were settled. They had specific winter lands, and specific summer lands. North America belongs to them and they should have it back while all european decendants go back where their ancestors came from.
Powderflask · 26-30, M
Not really, I don't believe in redistribution of anything by government, any government period.
Spaceshipcaptain · 41-45, M
[@550058,Powderflask] so what do you suggest is a solution all right or ethical Immortal thing to do
pismo · M
Let Iran have nukes, and they will take care of the Israeli problem
Spaceshipcaptain · 41-45, M
[@968615,pismo] that is the worst way to put it. Why do we want to see millions of innocent lives lost.
NativeOregonian · 51-55
[@968615,pismo] How about we shove a nuke up your ass? You might like it too much.
GunSmoke9 · 56-60, M
[@968615,pismo] Israel is not the problem.
NativeOregonian · 51-55
Yep, all non Natives are nothing but immigrants.
Fair point.

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