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Am I the only one that is sick and tired of hearing about security clearances in the White House?

It wouldn't bother me as much if the various news agencies knew what they were talking about as far as the process of obtaining one and how an interim clearance works.
Salix75 · 46-50, F
Security clearances are there for a reason. I'm a small cog in a big bureaucratic machine here, and when I started out and didn't have a higher level of clearance, I had to sign an agreement stating I would not read or handle any documentation above my clearance level. Likewise, during sensitive meetings, those without appropriate clearance are asked to leave. These aren't every day occurrences of course, but there are times it's important to ensure everyone has had the requite thorough vetting
iMystery · M
[@327737,Salix75] Do you work for an intelligence agency or something?
Scubaguy027 · 41-45, M
[@327737,Salix75] I had a clearance in the Navy so I know how much of a pain in the ass they can be to obtain. I'm just sick of the media talking about this when most of them have no idea whatsoever about the process involved
Salix75 · 46-50, F
[@475466,iMystery] as though I would say so if I did, lol. As it happens, I *don't* but intelligence agencies aren't the only ones with info that needs to be kept to small audiences for various reasons (political reasons, public safety and many more)
frequentlyme · 70-79, M
Really? You believe what you just wrote?
Scubaguy027 · 41-45, M
[@657416,frequentlyme] it was a question with my personal opinion on it. And I can see you don't understand what an interim clearance is based on your statement. You are confusing that with the final clearance. I did have a clearance so I do know how it works and am not talking out my ass
frequentlyme · 70-79, M
[@359989,Scubaguy027] I too know what an interim clearance is. Had one, no, not true, had one twice. The first time was for a Secret, and the second time, when my Secret lapsed, for a Top Secret. I also worked in S2 for 4 years and I do know what it's about and how it works. My statement stands.
Scubaguy027 · 41-45, M
[@657416,frequentlyme] it was a simple question and you can take it how you want.

I honestly don't believe you have ever had a clearance based on your last response. If you really had one you would know why
katielass · F
There was at least one close aid to odumbo who was never given clearance but who remained in the WH handling classified materials. forgot his name but maybe it will come to me. As for you having to hear about it you know the left wing corrupt media will do anything to avoid having to report on the hitlery Russia collusion and the attempt to frame the trump admin.
MasterLee · 51-55, M
Could anyone in the last administration even qualify for an Interim?
MasterLee · 51-55, M
[@359989,Scubaguy027] I had a full sci, know all about it.
Scubaguy027 · 41-45, M
[@9463,MasterLee] same, it almost seemed at times the reinvestigation for renewal was worse.
MasterLee · 51-55, M
[@359989,Scubaguy027] yes
MarineBob · 56-60, M
It's very doubful that anyone in the press corps has one kick them out of our house
lorne13 · 61-69, M
if you don't care about your nation's security, that's your right but why push it on others?
Scubaguy027 · 41-45, M
[@354891,lorne13] I'm not pushing anything. I'm just curious to know if I am the only one that is tired of hearing about it
It is better to not have a security clearance because they can use it to shut you up. If you don't have one then you can tell everyone about the government conspiracies.
Northwest · M
Perhaps some news agencies have no clue what it is, or what the process is about, so if you know what that is, it might be frustrating for you.

I tend to watch more reliable news sources.

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