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Hackers use linux based os

Seems like it will be very different from windows and I'm curious about how does it operates. It's cool if u use ubuntu os or other linux based one.
lexiconic61-69, M
I use Peppermint OS which is Ubuntu based
It is quite easy to create a live USB stick which you can boot into on a windows computer.
You can practice how to use the Linux system without having to install it on your hard drive
It takes a while to get used to the different methods but for example i am 62 years old and have become a competent user in about 12 months.
The really good thing about Linux is that it is open source,which means it is free to purchase and is constantly being updated by coders who do it for the love of it and not for profit
Long live Linux 馃槉
Blissfulphoton26-30, F
@lexiconic Yeah.. I saw some yt videos that they do dual booting on the same system. Got only one question, doesn't it hang up bcoz it will use more ram?
lexiconic61-69, M
The live system loads onto a designated amount of ram.
Your main system is not in use so doe's not require any at all
Ubuntu live systems allows you create a Casper-rw persistent storage file so that you can save any data that you want to keep before closing the system
[quote]Hackers use linux based os

That's not what defines hackers, or what "hacking" means.

It's also odd to look at it that way. You don't buy a car, because you think you're going to work on the engine, 95% of the time.

Consumer-grade Linux, like Windows and like the Mac, is used to run applications: word processing, spreadsheets, presentation S/W, video editing, etc. In all of these categories, Linux packages lag behind Windows and the Mac.
lexiconic61-69, M
Wanted to say that myself but you explained it much better than i ever could 馃憤
@lexiconic My primary S/W development machine, is Mac, but all my app servers are Linux based and I use Windows occasionally, but not often, as the Open Source world, turned sour on Windows years ago.
I have a machine running Ubuntu. It's fun! In the 90s I worked in a place that had a few different kinds of UNIX workstations, running HPUX, IRIX, and SunOS, and then we got PCs running Red Hat Linux too. This was before Redhat Fedora & RHEL.
Blissfulphoton26-30, F
@ElwoodBlues That's so cool 馃憤
Blissfulphoton26-30, F
@Northwest yeah, it depends on the purpose of the user. I'm disappointed by using windows 11, it's bulky, many apps run in the background which i have no control and collects way more personal info than previous windows version.
With my less knowledge of os, I know ubuntu isn't for general public but it is light and safe.
Are you planning on becoming a hacker?
Blissfulphoton26-30, F
@Fuzzle Nooo..
If i had the knowledge, i would have become a white hat hacker 馃槄
I was just curious how linux based os operates.
Confined51-55, M
I use linux myself. Much better then windows.

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