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CassandraSissy22-25, T
I always state that you should change your password regularly, just in case.

Amylynne26-30, F
she4 can reach out to Facebook with a hacking report
Her friend was hacked and needs to change her password. Your Mom should too!馃懆
They hope that your mum can鈥檛 get through to her friend on the phone and contact them back online and ask for money to be transferred because something happened don鈥檛 worry about it just don鈥檛 reply to the message anymore tell your mums friend she has been hacked it鈥檚 a common thing
It could be a form of what is called brushing. Someone sends out something in your name to get a verified delivery of, usually a package in the mail. But they could also do it just to verify that it is a real account. They then use that account to post fake reviews from a real persons account. So yeah it is a scam. Best not to have a facebook at all cause well it's facebook. But there really isnt much you can do about brushing other then securing your account. You can submit a report and if there is two factor authentication that will help as well.
Barny5256-60, M
Changing passwords is all you can do I think, had similar got a message saying i was in a video the friend was from work so i opened it, it sent same messages to everyone in my contacts list but didn鈥檛 seem to do any harm just after everyone鈥檚 passwords and details like names, birthdays so they can create false accounts
rrraksamam31-35, M
I think you can check the recent locations the account was logged in from.
Look it up in the settings and see if you notice anything suspicious.
DeWayfarer61-69, M
Change passwords often is the best advice I can say as well as to not click on unknown links.

That might seem to be a near impossibility for a new computer user. Yet I have truly been on the internet for more decades than I should admit. Definitely more than you have been alive.
@DeWayfarer we just changed her password the other day
DeWayfarer61-69, M
@katiecantthinkofausername after this incident then do it once again.

Every time something like this happens for certain.
cotheo56-60, M
may be the account from your moms friend have been hacked?
@cotheo yeah, probably
Sounds more likely that friend was hacked. If your Mom had a link to click on or something then she could have been hacked. Otherwise it may be her friend who has to sort it. Maybe get your Mom to change her password and stuff
@DaveyWavey01 i just changed her password for her a few days ago. i told her it sounds like her friend might have been hacked but shes still worried because she did what the scammers wanted, to call her friend.
@katiecantthinkofausername I'm pretty sure they can't access anything your Mom's end just by your Mom calling her. Your Mom need not worry

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