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I Like Muscles

Knowing that I am really jacked and good looking and I know I'm much vetter looking than most of other sw users.Makes me pretty confident.But still I'm suprised a bit I'm not really popular here.馃
Fungirlmmm46-50, F
This is an anonymous site and we can't depend on a physical appearance to draw people to you. You have to rely on your personality and social skills. Honestly and frankly speaking, pretty faces and hot bodies are a dime a dozen on social networks so most of us are immune to that here. It is all about inner beauty and connection to draw people to you. I have no idea what you physically look like, but a suggestion if you want friends here is to not rely on that and it is important that you not try to act superior to others if you want to make real friends here. I'm not trying to be mean in my comments. I just want to help you to understand the difference here versus your Instagram and Twitters if the world.
[@856665,Will2Power] I know what you mean. Unfortunately, if I post a picture claiming it's me, you know it is, because no one else would ever want to claim this. Lol
SaxonAZ51-55, M
[@1433,Fungirlmmm] Yeah, posted one earlier claiming it was him.
SaxonAZ51-55, M
[@573519,Privatehell] Exactly, same here. Reading the post itself told you it was a crock.
SumKindaMunster51-55, M
Yeah how about that. It's almost like people on here don't give a crap about your personal appearance and are only interested in deeper connections and understanding.

Go figure!
You don't need us ,you got yourself.
This obnoxious attitude might have something to do with your unpopularity " I know I'm much vetter looking than most of other sw users.Makes me pretty confident." I know I can't bear you now
Justanotherguy9526-30, M
[@331316,Fernie] you can have all everything you want when your jacked todays world is you either have millions of bucks or you have big muscles.
[@869307,Justanotherguy95] you could also use a brain, some maturity and tons of class kiddo. You're obnoxious and shallow
Justanotherguy9526-30, M
I have a good brain.For your and everybodys information my personality and iq tests I have oretty high scores.
Newfound36-40, M
Conceit is not a virtue. I work out lots and am okay looking but would never say I am the best looking guy on SW.
If you're so "jacked" and so much better than us mere mortals, why are you,posting another man's pics in your previous post, claiming they are yours?

A friend of mine just sent me the same pics you said was yours by a 41 year old body builder named Jesse Wright. Same tats and every thing.
SaxonAZ51-55, M
[@573519,Privatehell] "I'll just post an edited pic and say it's me. People will believe it."
SaxonAZ51-55, M
No one believes you.
Justanotherguy9526-30, M
[@856665,Will2Power] old people...
SaxonAZ51-55, M
[@869307,Justanotherguy95] People who claim to be young....
[@869307,Justanotherguy95] To me your old people.
Gentlequill46-50, M
SW User
Because no one cares.
Justanotherguy9526-30, M
[@67788,Dormouse] if I become rich and famous someday you will all cry and say I should if been a friend with this bloke.

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