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i love how i told my job that i was quitting in a month so they've scheduled me exclusively 10 hour shifts since then for the past 2 weeks

nothing like a little passive aggressiveness to end my lil stint in pharmacy
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They are confirming you made the right decision. 馃槓
[@849809,crownedwithlaurel97] That's great 馃槃
crownedwithlaurel9722-25, F
[@113373,TexChik] that's so cool!!!
[@797643,mrsindyjoe] it was kind of do or die . With mom being a retired professor from that school , I had to make sure not to embarrass her . She was everything to me and the 4 years I got with her , seeing her several times a week were so worth it . No regrets
I've always wonder how well do they get paid at the pharmacy.

But yeah sounds like they're trying to use you while they still got you and take the load off those that are actually staying.
[@849809,crownedwithlaurel97] I agree. The what I don't fully understand is why I could go to three different CVS and get get three completely different prices for a med.

I think it's because they could substitute and they all had a different substitute.

But they were wanting to charge me more than $100, when I was finally able to go to the right one, they could get me something for less than $10. Same prescription...

But they could NOT ship that $10 one over to my closest CVS? Okay... worth a couple extra miles once I finally figure out which store had the cheap ones or the ones my insurance would cover.
crownedwithlaurel9722-25, F
[@800884,Viper] that's really crazy!! honestly I'd be confused and upset if that was happening to me
[@849809,crownedwithlaurel97] It had something to do with contracts between the insurance company in the manufacture companies, or something like that, at least that's the excuse I got.

As all of them had a different but similar pill made with different manufacturer.
PhpPhoenix31-35, M
They want to make sure you won't change your mind? 馃 That's just pitiful behavior.
crownedwithlaurel9722-25, F
[@1125975,PhpPhoenix] for real. I'm like yall have really helped me make up my mind
DunningKruger56-60, M
What a box of dicks.
crownedwithlaurel9722-25, F
[@10617,DunningKruger] i agree
DeluxedEdition22-25, F
nothing like a little resignation 馃ぃ
crownedwithlaurel9722-25, F
[@25801,DeluxedEdition] REALLY THO
ImRileyTheDog18-21, F
Your last month you shouldn鈥檛 even care, you鈥檙e about to leave. Be a little rebel.
yo wtf
crownedwithlaurel9722-25, F
[@855786,wackidywack] my exact thought bb
CountScrofula36-40, M
I fucking hate it when employers do that. "HOW DARE YOU LEAVE" like you don't have a life to live. You owe them nothing. Screw them.

They're basically telling every other staff member there to not give a long notice period.
MilitantIrishman26-30, M
Stupid bastards. People like that shouldn't be in charge of anything.

Just makes it all the more clear that you're making the right decision.
SweetMae61-69, F
A parting gift I guess! 馃巵
billstickers36-40, M
Give the wrong drugs to somebody not ones that would harm them .And blame it on tiredness.

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