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Do you buy two or more items of the same one if you like it?

Like for example two things of the same model or something like that.

There's a deck I love and would like despite already having it I want to have another one 馃槱. But it's expensive and at the same time seems foolish to buy another one.., 馃槱
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Yes, at times the number goes to fifty.
[@24735,Silentspectator] really? Any example of something you own ?
[@536386,Gaiia] not own but bought candies of a certain flavor.
Taste-buds makes one do weird.
[@24735,Silentspectator] I know that feeling
Iwashere236-40, M
Sure. I always thought everyone is doing that
[@1056803,Iwasheretoo] I see
Iwashere236-40, M
[@536386,Gaiia] unless it鈥檚 really expensive of course. Then I remember how poor i am
[@1056803,Iwasheretoo] aww exactly 馃槱馃槱馃槱
Powderflask26-30, M
Always have spares.
[@550058,Powderflask] yep 馃槱馃槱馃槱
Yes... I thought everyone did that.
[@107498,submissivelittlewoman] 馃槱no..... 馃槱馃槱 But it's nice isn't it 馃ぉ.. With certain things 馃槱 though money 馃槱馃槱
We only live once 馃榿
[@10788,PiecingMeBackTogether] hahaha 馃槱
Heartlander80-89, M
Yes. I was shopping for a cotton, canvas baseball cap and found one I liked at like $2 each and discovered that I could buy a case of them (24) for $24 ($1 each). So I bought the case.

I now have a lifetime of baseball caps. They all survive 4 or 5 machine washings and I've only since discarded a few of them.

Good idea? Absolutely!! And I remind myself about just how good an idea it was whenever I'm visiting a store and see the exact same hat being sold there for $20 to $35 each.
PhpPhoenix31-35, M
It depends on what kind of item it is. For things like games or appliances, there is no use of having duplicates. But when I like an item of clothing or consumables, I do usually buy multiple ones.
MellyMel2236-40, F
[i][c=#BF0080]I buy multiples of most things I like. [/c][/i]
[@1980,MellyMel22] 馃グ I wonder if it's a leo thing. I always feel tempted to
MellyMel2236-40, F
[@536386,Gaiia] [c=#BF0080][i]I was wondering that too 馃ぃ馃ぃ[/i][/c]

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