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I feel like if I can't make a difference in someone's life for the better, i'm gonna go crazy.

I never thought I could call myself "mad with empathy" but I really am. I feel so helpless to be of aid to the person I wanted to heal that I wanna heal SOMEONE else who has been through similar things. Like, this selfless energy has to go somewhere. I'm not saying this to virtue signal about how empathetic I am or what a saintly white knight i am.. i genuinely have it rough being this way, and few could apparently ever understand. If I can't help a victim, then my next option will be to hurt a victimizer, and make them pay for what they did to the innocent. If I hear about another innocent person being raped or abused i'm gonna fucking do something about it.

I need to calm down, breath deep, and go to the yoga studio today.
BlueVeins · 22-25
codependent bb
I wonder if anyone actually understands me. Everyone talks about "i'm an empath" so you'd think more people could relate? I don't think being an empath means being nice and feeling everything all the time. I literally wanna hurt someone who would hurt others. I'm a very conflicted person. I almost feel like i'm overloaded with empathy, and it's making me really, really ready to push it down and summon a fucking inner demon so I can hurt someone who carries out the things that were done on my friend, my mother, and others.
The truth is, we can't heal other people - we can only heal outselves, jist as they can only heal themselves.

Beware the desire to pour your helping energy into becomes a habit, until one day you find the only friends you have are the ones who 'expect' from you.

Only to discover decades later that you were not there for yourself ..... and you've lost the abitly to do so. And no one you know will be there for you.

Empathy is a wonderful thing, but you must learn to meter it out - control the flow, and direct some to yourself 💚☺️💜

As for those you wish to help:
Be there
Help direct their mind to good things
But dont do everything for them - otherwise they eill never learn to help themselves and be stuck in their victim hood forever.
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