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i dont miss you, but i find myself stalking you so much

now before you think im crazy, the term stalking in my terms is just always checking their social media (nothing extreme). anyways, i don't think i miss them but i do miss talking to them and having sm to talk to in the way we did. I'm also pissed cuz they recently broke contact the MOMENT i moved on. may Allah help me and them
twistedrope · 26-30, M
Every week or so I check my phone to check I'm still blocked from my ex. When I started it was every day. For the same reason, I miss talking to them.
that’s why i block all my exes in every way i can
Hanginginthere · 31-35, M
hmm well that's kinda how it starts, first staking their social media and then it gets progressively worse, interesting..
summalovin · 18-21, F
@Hanginginthere i swear it sounds crazy but it’s genuinely just innocent looking at their profile her and there. nothing too extreme
Hanginginthere · 31-35, M
@summalovin insanity doesn't work that way, you won't be able to control it for much longer, trust me just let that person go and move on, not worth the decline in your mental health..
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