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I'm going through a heart break

This relationship was very close to me. And I'm not able to get over it.
I feel frustrated and in pain.
What should i do?
RupertCornelius · 36-40, M
take your time. cry frequently, and watch movies and tv shows that make you laugh. spend time with friends who can help distract you from time to time. and listen to loud music and sing along as loud as you can. whatever you do, don't try to bury your feelings. try to avoid rebounds and one night stands, if you can. they tend to make things worse. give yourself about six months or so, to recover, and then put yourself back out there, when you feel like you're ready to try again.
YourFriend4ever · 22-25, F
@RupertCornelius Best advice! Nice and straightforward.. thanks 💖💖
RupertCornelius · 36-40, M
@YourFriend4ever you're welcome.
Focus on your education and career.
YourFriend4ever · 22-25, F
@ABCDEF7 best advice.
Fertilization · 31-35, F
Life is full of surprises. Keep moving.
SpaceJesus · M
Gotta take it a day at a time. Eventually things will become more manageable for you
YourFriend4ever · 22-25, F
@SpaceJesus ok I'm keeping faith in that
Riemann · 31-35, M
Take a break from people and things for several hours. <3
You have SW and I'm here to support you.
YourFriend4ever · 22-25, F
@Riemann Aww thank you that's so sweet. 💖
JRVanguard · 22-25, M
Time is what it’ll take to heal it
Do what you need to do to cope while that healing happens
Cry when you need
Do what you want to distract yourself
Now’s the time to focus on you
JRVanguard · 22-25, M
@YourFriend4ever Happy to help
I was in a very similar boat not too long ago
Here for you if you need a friend to talk to
Sending hugs 🤗💙
YourFriend4ever · 22-25, F
@JRVanguard Aww i hope you're fine now. Thanks 💖
JRVanguard · 22-25, M
@YourFriend4ever Thank you lovely🥰
I’ve had enough time pass that I am
Thank you for looking out for me🤗
Anything on your mind you wanna talk about?
Go to Amazon and buy [i]You're Going to Be Okay[/i] and [i]You're [b]Already[/b] Amazing[/i], by Holly Gerth. They will really help you to feel better and get through this. Meanwhile, I found prayer works wonders to get through this. Jesus is our best friend. He understands, cares, and loves us more than anyone. And He never abandons us.

496sbc · 36-40, M
I would try and help u. Id be here for u
@YourFriend4ever I sure wouldn't trust anyone here. Long distance relationships don't work, imho. You can't really get to know them. Rarely do they work.

On the other, you get well by telling yourself the truth. There was a reason you broke up and it needed to be done and now you're free and you can finally find someone that will treat you as you deserve. Telling myself the truth is what got me through a horrible breakup and then I could see it for what it was and then it didn't hurt that much anymore. I found that I was not mourning my loss. Instead, I was mourning what I [b]thought[/b] I had. What I had wanted, but did not find.

Start looking forward to the new person you're going to meet that will make you happy and laugh again. Dream about what he looks like and remember that he's looking for you, as well. Give yourself time to heal from this one first. You do not want to find someone while you're grieving or upset about this one. Give yourself closure on this one. Even if the other person doesn't give you closure you can give yourself closure and move on by accepting it for what it was and seeing it as a learning experience. We certainly don't want to get stuck with someone that we are not compatible with. That makes no sense at all.
YourFriend4ever · 22-25, F
@LadyGrace Your message made my heart melt ✨ thanks for giving me hope to overcome this.
@YourFriend4ever It is something we wanted and was lead to believe it was there, while all the while, he was emotionally unavailable and that has nothing to do with you, trust me. People have their preferences and he may not be ready for [i]any[/i] relationship with [i]anyone[/i]. Better you found out now, than wasted another few years on him. I had a book one time that really helped me. I'll see if I can find the name. I know it hurts bad, but hang in there. The guy that lied to me lives near me and I see him tons of times out and about, and it doesn't even phase me, and I had grieved [i]horribly[/i], thought I'd never get over it, but now I look at him and think to myself, 'Why did I even [i]see[/i] in that jerk? What was I [i]thinking[/i]?!!' He had the biggest ego, I've ever seen. You [i]will[/i] get through this! ❤️🤗
DiliMarky · 16-17, F
It's ok to cry over something that hurts you, all you need is time. It will take a long time to get over her but keep strong.
YourFriend4ever · 22-25, F
@DiliMarky True that. The problem is my ex was gem of a person. That is why it is so hard.
Freeranger · M
Take it off-line and to those in your life whom you trust face to face. No good comes of that thing here to be frank.
YourFriend4ever · 22-25, F
@Freeranger i don't have anyone to talk about it in real life. 🥀
watch some footage from the Ukraine war and thank your luck stars.
Smileforall · 36-40, M
Me too if possible pls talk as a nice person
basilfawlty89 · 31-35, M
Take time to heal. Don't just immediately jump into a relationship. You might have to have no contact with your ex for a while.
YourFriend4ever · 22-25, F
@basilfawlty89 my ex happens to be my best friend as well. It's very hard to stay awat from him

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