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Do we really know ourselves as well as we think?

Who am I?
Am I frail, vulnerable, quiet and shy?
Am I childlike, inquisitive, and always asking why?
Am I dark, aloof, and mysteriously unknown?
Am I confident enough to stand all on my own?
Am I full of life? Do I have the vigour for it?
Will I embrace and use my talent, or simply ignore it?
Am I one who will strive for good and not fall?
No matter the cost; even if asked to give my all?
I wonder, who I am; given the chance to prove,
Will my inner love and compassion cause me to move?
To love others deeply; to give of myself from her heart,
May I steadily seek these qualities and may they never depart.
I dont think people know themselves well enough until they begin to really look inward.
And even then, parts of us can blindside us.
@thinkingoutloud But is it informative as it would have been before all the social media came along? Don’t you think this has influence into what we perceive ?
@Delightfulydelectablydelicious If people follow news or media, there is definitely a bias and a breakdown. I mean more of going within, knowing oneself. That is what it takes to know oneself.
@thinkingoutloud That’s part of the problem, the news has become infused in social media 💁‍♂️
ToddpicogramakaSatan · 70-79New
may TheMostHolyTrinity bless the glocks from the book to repent so that they don't end up in the glocking hell [thrice☦️].
@ThreeLittleBirds 🧠 delicious 🤤

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