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very long post

i dont know what to do. this is about to be a very long post.
i met a man. he is near mid thirties. i am a minor. we talked for well over 11 months and were together for 8 of those. recently, he moved to my location. we had sxual intercourse. i was under the influence.
it was consensual.
i came to vent to my friend about how bad the experience was and she sent screenshots of our conversation to her mother, who sent the screenshots to my school. my school got the police involved and they confiscated my phone.
i am turning into a lab rat. i have been interrogated and probed with questions possibly 8 or more times over the span of i want to say 4 days. i was promised i would not have to repeat said testimony more than thrice.
today, my friend cut me off because the situation made her uncomfortable. that is okay. i am not upset with her over that. unfortunately, her entire friend group was my friend group.
so not only am i in a very serious legal situation, with no phone, my mother is in rehab, there is a warrant out for my boyfriends arrest and i cant bring myself to tell him, i have no friends left, and he may have potentially given me an STD or STi.
i had a second phone. we call these trap phones.
today this phone was also confiscated. i was talking to him on said device. because of the friend that dropped me going to the school and telling them about my active "self destructive behaviors", i was taken to a hospital and held in a room for 6 hours completely isolated with no updates on what my situation looks like. i was evaluated thrice, then once more before i left. i could have potentially been placed in inpatient but was written off with outpatient.
meanwhile i was in this room, both of my legal guardians were occasionally screaming in each of my ears and leaving me to be alone in the room frequently. i sat there for hours wondering when it was going to be over and when i could just go home. the nurses were not on top of everything. i was alone, cold, anxious, hopeless, and completely uninformed in this room while everyone rotating in and out of the room was making me feel alienated. and they were babying me.
the entire school staff knows i am a victim of SA. while i spent time before the hospital in an office, about 6 or 7 adults i had never even heard of came in and talked to me about my situation.
at this point, i feel i cannot live without him. everyone is slowly convincing me that he is a horrible person and ive been being groomed, abused, and manipulated by him. i know him well, but they are making me feel like i dont... what do i even do?
edit: next week, i have to get an appointment with a pedia. i also have to go to CASA to give my statement.
today they drew 4 vials of my blood. my blood count is extremely low. i was tested for every std or sti possible. so far they know i am HIV negative.
ViciDraco · 36-40, M
1) I am sorry to hear you are going through all of this. As a young person, love and life are already incredibly hard to manage.

2) A thirty year should know well enough to not get romantically involved with minors and damn well knows not to be sexual with them. It also sounds like they were letting you get intoxicated before being sexual.

3) Minors don't get to consent to sex with adults. If you live in a place with lower age of consent, then the guy doesn't need to worry about being arrested if you are over that. But it sounds like you aren't. And he knew that. If that is the case, he raped you because you could not consent.

Honestly, you shouldn't be with someone that old while still a minor. If you still want to be with an older guy like that when in your 20s then more power to you, but as a minor there really is no excuse for him.

I want to be supportive of what you have been through, but I cannot support you continuing on with a man like that nor you protecting him.
Apo851 · 22-25
It's alright just pretend u don't care about ur boyfriend infront of them so they don't f** king annoy u anymore with the things u are going through because they will probably not stop until you give up on him.
Try to show that u are stable to them so that u can get out of supervision and be free and after that u can decide what u want to do
Its nor much but hope it can help u
AnotherBlur · 18-21, M
you're a victim. I hope everything ends up well for you

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