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Am I the only one who glitches while talking ?? Like I’m not sure if it’s called stuttering but what happens is I’m talking and then all of a sudden i mix words together words that don’t even exist and I sound like a fool for example today I was talking to a friend and I was trying to tell her that she’s the smartest person I have ever met and I said “you’re the smartest hobghsv I ver mek” can you imagine how embarrassing 😭 I hate myself so much why can’t I talk properly like it happens to me everytime I have a conversation with someone even if I’m not stressed it just happens can anyone please tell me what is this thing called and is it stuttering or what like I need help please I’m so sick of being embarrassed all the time 😓
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Best Wishes :)
Rawanasalie · 16-17, F
@ABCDEF7 thank you so much for ur comment i really appreciate it !!
leoo9n · 16-17, T
I have that problem too sometimes!! I laugh it off, dont feel embarrassed, its mostly because you talk to much or talk without thinking or have a busy day/tired ! Sometimes its good to start over again and slowly. 😭 Happens to the best of us
Rawanasalie · 16-17, F
@leoo9n omg thank you for your comment it makes me feel so much better ❤️ when it happens to me I don’t do anything about it I just act like it never happened and I’ m afraid that people will think that I have bad English because English is not my first language but I don’t think that the problem is my English it’s just something that I suffer with 😓
leoo9n · 16-17, T
@Rawanasalie English is not my first language to!! Maybe its just a non english problem 💔😒 Dont overthink too much, if you can communicate with them properly then your english is great!!
Rawanasalie · 16-17, F
@leoo9n thank you ! Yes I agree lmaoo 🤣
You probably have a speach infedeiment. Or youre just a stuttering stanly... I hate to say this but i make fun of people with speach infediment...Because i cannot understand how its so hard to pronounce words correctly.. Another cause of speach infediments is crooked front teeth. Which could cause a multitude of problems such as a lisp or speach infediment. Could be many factors. We once knew a kid who couldnt pronounce the r.. We made fun of him and he actually didnt seem to care.. For him it was a reall issue and normal i guess and he even had to take therapy for it... He also had a gapped front teeth so i dont know if that was part of the cause. Hearing him talk was halaroiuse. We would try to talk like him and I quikly got used to it and almsot treated him british even tho it wasnt a british accent but a speach infediment
Rawanasalie · 16-17, F
@Solidstate honestly it’s not okay to make fun of anyone I hope that you will someday learn that it’s not a good thing and yesterday my therapist said it’s anxiety that make me mess up word’s because I’m nervous thankfully I don’t have a speech infedeiment
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
You're among some of the famous that have the problem.

Won't go into who because then this post it can become political.
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
@Rawanasalie best to look under "speech impediments" when searching.
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
@Rawanasalie try this to see if anything sounds related...
Rawanasalie · 16-17, F
@DeWayfarer thank you so much this is very helpful
4meAndyou · F
My father stuttered but overcame it. I only stutter when I am so intensely nervous that I can't think or control my nerves.

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