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Immature " big " brother

Ugh I Hate Him ! HE THINKS HE'S BETTER THAN EVERYONE ! , Everyone has to adjust according to him .My parents even won't say anything cause he'll just shout and yell or even hit them. My parents tell me to Stay quiet When He's Clearly Wrong! I HATE HIM, why do i even have a brother like him, Everyone Should listen to "HiM" "he's the older brother" AS IF ! He is like a baby , who cries when he doesn't get something he wants
smiler2012 · 56-60, M
{@tngerine] sorry that is the case you are right he does need too grow up . he show what an immature little boy he is and your parent show weakness and not the best way of dealing with his tantrums
beefo · 26-30, M
My sister is 22 and lives at home for free. Doesn't have to work or pay rent. I had to work and start paying rent when I was 17
Patientlywaiting · 41-45, F
Hitting your parents? 🤨 Is he neurotypical and able to manage his emotions? Why is that deemed ok??
HootyTheNightOwl · 36-40
Yeah, the hell anyone's hitting my ma!!! I'd be calling the cops and reporting that shiz!!!
Tonydang · M
He sounds like a spoilt brat to me
tngerine · 22-25, F
@Tonydang fr 👹
Tonydang · M
@tngerine or the devil 😊😊
Why don't your parents warn him or throw him out of house?
Heavenlywarrior · 31-35, M
Wtf…. He hits your parents? Oh hell nah…. Ya parents trippin too.
Sounds like undiagnosed autism or something to me
Katwoman · F
Hit them? Should be reported for assault
Nitedoc · 36-40, M
How old is he?
[quote]My parents even won't say anything cause he'll just shout and yell or even hit them. [/quote]


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