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Why is the EU so worried...

... About the idea that Northern Ireland could potentially be used to smuggle stuff into the rest of the UK???

I'm going to guess that there are a lot of guilty people down on the bloc if they feel the need to accuse others of something that isn't even happening.

The fact that they tried to withdraw from their obligation to provide vaccines to Northern Ireland is just beyond a joke.

Knock off all the political point scoring here EU and do what you said that you would do for the people of Northern Ireland.
SW User
Its not the EUs obligation to pay for vaccines for UK citizens.
SW User
[@421598,Becksta] The EU didnt vote for Brexit. Britian decided to leave so these problems are not of the EUs making are they? Anyway the point is that there is no hard border. That’s exactly what the article says 🤷‍♂️
Becksta · 36-40
[@417364,Ozymandias] Not exactly the point. Brexit of itself is a whole new can of worms that we can spend the rest of the week debating given that I have some controversial views on that topic myself.

Still, the vote was cast to leave and leave we did - now we have to make the best of the situation... which would be made easier without all the infighting covered by the media and the EU making snap decisions that could potentially see a return to fighting within our union.

Yes, we know that the powers that be within the EU hate us because of Brexit - but it's done now and we have to make the best of the situation, whether we like it or not. There are people on our side of the channel who don't like it either.
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[@421598,Becksta] Do you know a lot about the political and historical situation in NI?
CynicGirl · 31-35, F
currently northern ireland is more part of the eu then of the uk...
CynicGirl · 31-35, F
[@421598,Becksta] they cant.. there has to be either a border inside the uk or a border between ireland and northern ireland...

its one or the other... so either northernireland isnt technically a part of the uk anymore.. or they cancel the good friday agreement.. and a wave of terror is the least the uk can handle now.

so they given up northern ireland
CynicGirl · 31-35, F
[@417364,Ozymandias] try doing business with northern ireland ot travelling to it... its easier to do so from romania then from london at the moment
SW User
[@379797,CynicGirl] i am from there
Yeah that's how I smuggled guns, it was easy too since there was no BORDER WALL to protect people from my GUNS OF UNHOLY DESTRUCTION bwaha!

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