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Does anyone else see the pattern, too???

Before the referendum and going through Brexit - all the media really reported on was the bad stuff about the EU...

Now that Harry has left the Royal Family to do his own thing... all we are seeing is "Don't do this", "Don't do that" and "Watch out for your titles". More often than not, the people who are threatening to take his titles are the very ones who have no power to actually take them anyway.

I don't understand why we just got the negative aspects of Brexit - especially not when we were a part of the EU for decades and hardly any of us can actually talk about anything to do with the origins of the EU because it just wasn't taught in schools.

I don't understand why it is acceptable for certain newspapers to be stirring the pot against Harry and Meg. We don't know the first thing from their angle on why they did what they did.

One thing that is clear to me is that Harry has already paid a high price in losing his patronages... and he's pretty much stuck in limbo where he knows that he will lose his HRH titles if he goes for US citizenship. His titles and patronages are all he's known and I think that we are being hard on him by stripping parts of his identity away - despite his decision to run away from his life and duties here.
Thatsright · 56-60, M
He's still going to be a rich guy who idles away the day regardless of his titles. That being said, his wife must have a magical jay-jay to make him turn away from all those riches as a royal.
Becksta · 36-40
[@342282,Thatsright] I don't think that his wife was much more than a reason to take the steps that he'd always wanted to do, to be fair.

Back in his mother's time, the media had hounded the royals for ages whatever they did. You couldn't pick up a newspaper and read an article without it being painfully clear that the picture was one where they'd been mobbed to get it. I was only thirteen when Diana died... yet, even to my young mind, it was clear that the practice would only die after the death of a royal because of it... such was the freedom of the press at the time.

Trying to see it from the angle of a thirteen year old boy, he'd have known, even at such a young age that it was going on... he'd at least would have been told about it, so I don't think that it'd be unreasonable for him to blame the press for his mother's death. If I could see it at the age of thirteen that the media would one day kill a member of the Royal Family... why couldn't the adults and the Royal Family themselves??? Why wasn't protections bought into law sooner???

Having gone through the death of your mother at the age of just thirteen, would the riches of the very family that left her in no doubt that she was no longer wanted and did nothing to stop the media from killing her, would the money really make up for that and having to see the media calling your wife names like "Whore", then hounding your children for pictures... is it really worth that, just to be rich???

He is high profile enough to make it on his own - maybe, not in his own country, but abroad without a doubt. It's not like he'll be having to deliver takeaways to make ends meet in his lifetime.
morvoren · F
I don’t really agree with you but it’s certainly been a tough situation.

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