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When did you discover and accept who you are?

So when did you discover your sexuality or true gender? And when did you accept this?

I discovered being bi at the age of 14 but had a hard time accepting being bi until I was 24.
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When I was in Grade 4 I had a crush on this guy from a grade 5. That's when I learned I am into older men 馃槖
TinyViolins31-35, M
It took me until I was 23 until I realized I was asexual, and that was mainly because I didn't know what it was. I always assumed I was just too preoccupied for sex.

I had been crossdressing for a few years before that and considered transitioning into a full-time woman for a few years after. I didn't really "feel" like a woman, but I also didn't feel like much of a man. I just felt like me, and it didn't particularly matter what I identified as since I didn't categorize myself like that.

After thinking about it for a couple of years, I just decided it would be more convenient to just identify as a man given that it was how the world saw me. I had the physical traits that were expected of one and didn't want to commit to a life of pretending to be something else. I dunno, that was maybe 3 or 4 years ago. I'm 31 now

I'm still learning things about myself, and I don't think that journey is coming to an end anytime soon, but as far as those two categories go, it was pretty late in life.
Thijs31-35, M
[@954098,TinyViolins] still learning new things about myself aswll. Hard to give everything a place. Nowhere near done learning

Do you only have no intressed in sex or also things like other physical contact?
Still working on it.
There was a little girl across the street mom would babysit same age as me I liked when 4 and 5
biandlargeny51-55, M
I started exploring my bisexuality in my 30's it was a 10 year journey and even longer till I accepted the label
DragonFruit61-69, M
I realized I wasn鈥檛 straight when I was 24.
A male friend got naked & kissed me, and I was incredibly fact, so much so that I let him fuck me.
Memike26-30, M
I knew i was gay at 14 but did not accept it until i was 16
I started at a very young age. I knew how I wanted to be by my teen years, I pursued it and I think that I have done well.
Loretta7841-45, F
Sexuality/gender actually was never a matter in my life.
But I think I have started in the age of 40 to accept me and things I can麓t change.
I knpw this is late, but better late than never. lol
I was confused for years until the first time I put on a dress and went out in public as a girl. It just felt so right and I love the girl I've become.
I knew my Gender Identity when I was 13, in 1970. However I could not make who I felt like, who I was, inside a reality until decades later.
Bimyself61-69, M
I discovered I am bisexual when I was 13 and been loving it ever since

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