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had an altercation with my neighbor this morning, not sure if I am the asshole or not

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This is a new housing development, so everyone is moving in.

I moved in using a uhaul van. I never bothered anyone when I moved in that I know of. I came in the afternoon and it took an hour to unload.

Anyways I had a number of deliveries scheduled for today and because the homes are brand new it isn't easy for some postal carriers to find apparently.

This morning my neighbor moved in and his semi trailer full of stuff was blocking my driveway.

So not only could I not leave my place, I also was worried I might not receive my appliance deliveries because this massive semi truck is blocking the numbers of my house.

I asked if the driver could move. He said that when my delivery arrives then he will move. My neighbor jumped in and said he didn't see the problem. I threw my hands up in the air and said, "you don't see the problem?! I can't leave!".

I also explained how I had a delivery this morning. He said that great then when they call I can tell then there is a big truck. But yea that's not how it will work. Nobody is going to call. They will just be like, "meh can't find it" and reschedule for a Tuesday at 10am when I'm at work or make me go pickup all my appliances in person from the delivery center because "couldn't find address".

Anyways afterwards I apologized for yelling but somehow I still feel like it is a little fucked up for someone to just not consider anything you plan to do on a Saturday and block your driveway from 8am till noon. I wouldn't do that to anyone even as a one off without asking if it was okay.

Also the truck didn't HAVE to be parked there. There is no house across from me. They could have put the semi there, like I pointed out to my dear neighbor but nobody listened or cared. He wasn't even unloading the stuff and the movers were using dollies, it wouldn't have mattered to him if they had to roll their shit a little further or even better just kindly ask before blocking me into my home all morning.

I actually even threatened to call the police but didn't really need to leave anywhere immediately. Just I was worried about my deliveries (none of which would have blocked anyones driveway). I also didn't call cause I was feeling bad about yelling at them.

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