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The most popular people on social media are the ones who spend the most time here, which ironically makes them the biggest losers.

true or false?

it's nobody's business how much time anyone here spends doing anything.
Funlov · M
@penti see your one of them right can’t take it so get rude like a ass ok bye bye
later, loser
Funlov · M
@penti lol at you
Funlov · M
For sure I for most just come here on Sunday but when I see posts of same people on Friday and Saturday I think get a life really you got to have some thing better to do just like I was was just looking at pictures that was posted some ass post pics of girls pissing them selves wtf
Youtube is social media too and as far as I've seen, there are some people experiencing more stuff in a month than an average 9-5 person experiences in their entire live. And those 2-4 millions followers (half of them probably your average bored 9-5 person) enable them to.
It's gotta be unhealthy to spend that much time sitting on yer ass not the mention the mental and emotional part🐷
PissedOffOSUAlumnus · 31-35, M
Do you have something to hide?
Isn’t it ironic…
Dontcha think
ElderE · 61-69, M
And why does it ironically make them losers?
TulipTami · F
@ElderE 🤷‍♀️ they have no job no relationship no life?
ElderE · 61-69, M
@TulipTami that's an assumption. I'm sure I'm not alone in having worked my entire life. Until I retired. Although I am not popular with many. I just think it is unfairly judging others to make such a statement.
Piper · 61-69, F
Mostly false, on both generalizations.
TulipTami · F
Seems true when you think about it.
Jessmari · 41-45
I would have agreed with this 15 years ago. It was pure addiction back then. Still is today for some, but for others it's all they have for various reasons.
🤣 i see ya logic. Sometimes ive thought along similar lines .

But considering some are stuck in wheelchairs, broken bodies, and struggling minds, i rethought these parameters.
Prolly better to have a false social reality than no social reality at all.🤷‍♀️
monaanoom86 · 36-40, F
I’m here all the time and I’m
Not popular doesn’t mean I’m a loser
Funlov · M
@monaanoom86 no no for sure it doesn’t
Heavenlywarrior · 31-35, M
Mixed. SW is a bit different because it’s a smaller community.
I’m not here while I’m at work or doing what I’m supposed to
Matt85 · 36-40, M
ScorchedScar · 41-45, M
Mmmmm no. False.

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