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SW Etiquette?

What is proper SW etiquette?

It seems blocking and downvoting are really looked down on.

What is the proper way to post on SW?
Gusman56-60, MVIP
I don't think blocking is looked down on, though there are those here who will not entertain someone else's point of view and block the person.
Downvoting is a way for Admin to notice if a post is offending an appreciable number of members without them reporting the post/poster.
I have used the down vote twice on posts displaying extreme, what I call Smut.
If offended by nudity, set your profile to not display those posts or simply do not click on them
Show respect for other users.
Gossip is harmful so stay away from that. Judge a member from your interactions with them, not others.
Limit cuss words to the more benign.
Remain clothed for selfies and keep extreme fetishes for your other sites.
These should see you gain a modicum of respect from respectful SW Members. 馃檪
Iwashere236-40, M
First,you gather a following. People who doesn鈥檛 know their ass from their heads. Takes a few months. Then you become popular (sw popular) that means about 10 people
Iwashere236-40, M
[@1153131,Jeremi] no,sounds about right. Change the M to an F. The whole experience will change
Jeremi36-40, M
be that as it may, I have too much of a conscience to do something like that. not here to deceive anyone.
Iwashere236-40, M
[@1153131,Jeremi] this whole thing is a deception. Grab a shovel and start digging. It鈥檚 a long way down
HellsBelle31-35, F
this is a lawless anonymous place. "etiquette" has no place here.

do and feel what you like, or dislike.
Dan8841131-35, M
I don't see what the problem is with blocking, at least. Sometimes people do block for petty reasons, though.
No, blocking is what most here thrive on. The emotional fragility is real.
I block any one i choose not to associate with my choice no one elses
JohnnyO36-40, M
I see no problem with blocking
Do whatever is right for you
I don't care... I do me...
DeWayfarer61-69, M

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