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Do you listen to gossip?

Do you make your mind up about people here yourself.....or do you let others sway your opinion?
I like to make my own mind up.
Of course...i take note of what others might say and keep it in mind....but dont take somebody elses opinions as read.
I do hope people give me that same chance. Ive had an unpleasent evening here. If your opinion of me has been swayed by something youre read or something another member said about me and i will give you my side of the story.
Thank you 馃樁
SW User
I make my own mind up about people... I'm pretty perceptive.

And what people think of me is their business. I'm not overly concerned.
EugenieLaBorgia31-35, F
No-one sways my opinion - only my conscience does that; gossips have no interest for me in the slightest.
Gossip and trash-talking others makes me really uncomfortable. 馃槶
[@329653,RubyReject] I'm sorry, I hope things will be okay!! 馃挋
RubySoo51-55, F
[@477966,caccoon] admin acted fast. I was called a liar over something that happened weeks ago and said person ( previously a nice friend) used my real name in the post for all to see. He threatened to post pms wed shared to prove my lies.
There were no lies...but he felt i was hiding things....i wasnt doing that either....
[@329653,RubyReject] That is awful. :( I'm glad to hear the admins acted quickly!! Especially using your real name is terrible. :(
I may hear other people's opinions but still am not affected by those opinions because I have my own
chuck788256-60, M
I don't get involved when someone here talks about someone else. Just block the trolls
SW User
No I don鈥檛 listen to gossip I use my own judgement and I certainly don鈥檛 sit on the fence either.

If someone has continually created problems for another person for reasons such as prejudice, insecurity or jealousy I want nothing to do with them.
My philosophy on SW is pics or it didn't happen.
RubySoo51-55, F
[@4199,BlueVeins] oh it happened. Admin saw the pics
[@329653,RubyReject] ?
dmc31331-35, M
Idk any of you motherfuckas to take in what you would say about another fellow stranger.
I loathe gossip.
Miram26-30, F
I am not sure what happened but as far as I know, you're an awesome lady and that's the experience I'd use to decide things about you. Not someone else's words.
RubySoo51-55, F
[@542305,Miram] thank u.
no one has ever gossiped to me, though i've exchanged passing comments about trolls in action with decent people. a quick quip or laugh, and i'm on to the next thing.
I'll not ask you to relive this ever again, at least not for my benefit. 馃様馃
I don't let others sway me.
Thatsright56-60, M
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