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Who do you think was being the bad friend? Honestly she is!

Getting tired of her! One of my girlfriends is like that besides my two best friends. Let’s call her “Bethany”
Like when I’m slacking off, she gets on my butt and makes me work hard.
When I complained about having to get a job and when I volunteered at the school cafeteria when we were in high school, Bethany bluntly said, “Why don’t you just GET A JOB? Volunteer work won’t do shit. It would be better if you got paid. Not that impressing. Stop depending on daddy and whining to him, be a woman and get a job! Don’t be so lazy because not to be rude, but you kind of are.”
That was before I got the job at a pet store. Bethany had called me “dumb” “stupid” for being ridiculous. I yelled at her to not call me that. She told me that if a friend is acting and doing something stupid, a true friend calls them out. Where’s your common sense?”
One time Bethany pointed out that I didn’t help foot in the bill when she asked me too when we went out for lunch. I asked her one time if I can have something from the candy machine and she STERLY said, “NO (my real name, let’s say Lila)! YOU didn’t chip in when I asked you to help me pay for the food, so no!” And she walked off enjoying her treat. Rude. That wasn’t fair.
Honestly I do like her but she’s such a horrible friend and I don’t know how much longer I can take with her. So sick and tired of her pointing out things I do sometimes. One time I walked off to get a closer seat, she was like, “Hello? Where are you going?” I said, “Well just getting a closer seat when our rides get here.”
She steely said, “Well wait for me! Don’t just walk of like that Lila. Don’t be an ass. Just because you’re autistic doesn’t mean I have to go easy on you. You’re an adult like anybody else.”
I looked at her and thought, “Really?” I’m used my best friends pointing out stuff but they’re not as mean as her. I told her I wasn’t being an “ass”. She didn’t respond. I kept say it until she yelled, “I HEARD YOU! Stop being so annoying!” I told her she didn’t respond and she said she doesn’t have to respond. RUDE! She is always calling me out and it’s uncomfortable. She doesn’t care that she hurts my feelings when she tells me the truth. She’s brutally honest which I don’t like about her. Sorry this is a long rant but I needed to vent.
Helloeveryone · 56-60, F
She's on you tube since her mother in law passed...what a great woman
[@1211595,Helloeveryone] What? No. She’s not even married
Helloeveryone · 56-60, F
This one is
Star1 · F
Do you actually like this friend when all she is is mean to you
Does she actually like you
Something to think about
[@1006166,Star1] I don’t like her when she’s mean to me. She’s being a good friend but I don’t think she is. She loves hanging out with me though but she wouldn’t treat me this way if she likes hanging out with me

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